Nokia.Graphics.Imaging Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AlphaToGrayscaleFilter

Copies the alpha channel in the image to the color channels, resulting in a grayscale representation of the alpha channel.

Public class AntiqueFilter Produces the look of an old color photo.
Public class AutoEnhanceFilter Automatically enhances white balance, brightness and contrast, and/or applies local boost to the image.
Public class AutoLevelsFilter Balances the intensity level of the image, for example making dark images lighter and vice versa.
Public class AutoResizeConfiguration Configuration settings for the JpegTools resize.
Public class Bitmap Contains pixel data for an image.
Public class BitmapImageSource An image source created from a bitmap.
Public class BitmapRenderer Renders an image source to a bitmap.
Public class BlendFilter Blends an image source onto the image using a blend function.
Public class BlurFilter Applies a blur effect to the image.
Public class BrightnessFilter Adjusts the brightness in the image.
Public class BufferImageSource An image source created from a compressed image buffer.
Public class BufferProviderImageSource An image source created from a provider of a compressed image buffer.
Public class CameraPreviewImageSource An image source taking the preview buffer from an ICameraCaptureDevice. Implementations of ICameraCaptureDevice include PhotoCaptureDevice and AudioVideoCaptureDevice.
Public class CartoonFilter Transforms the image into a cartoon graphic style.
Public class ChromaKeyFilter Adds transparency to the pixels of a specific color.
Public class ColorAdjustFilter Adjusts the RGB color composition of the image.
Public class ColorBoostFilter Amplifies the colors of the image.
Public class ColorImageSource An image source that provides an image based on a constant color.
Public class ColorizationFilter Adjusts color tone and luminance/chrominance levels, adds a single color to an image.
Public class ColorModeDescriptor Provides information about a color mode.
Public class ColorPlaneDescriptor Provides details about a color mode plane.
Public class ColorSwapFilter Adjusts the parameters of the Color-swap filter.
Public class ContrastFilter Adjusts the contrast in the image.
Public class CropFilter Crops the image to a specified region.
Public class Curve A curve represented by 256 points created by interpolation between specified control points.

If not explicitly set, the value for x=0 is 0, and the value for x=255 is 255.

Public class CurvesFilter Transforms colors in the image using color curves.
Public class CustomEffectBase Base class for custom user-defined effects.
Public class CustomFilterBase Base class for user-defined custom filters with support for block based processing.
Public class CustomImageSourceBase Managed base class for custom image sources.
Public class DelegatingEffect Use with an implementation of ICustomEffect to create an effect that can be used in the rendering pipeline.
Public class DelegatingFilter Use with an implementation of ICustomFilter to create a filter that can be used with the FilterEffect.
Public class DelegatingImageSource Use with an implementation of ICustomImageSource to create an image source that can be used in the rendering pipeline.
Public class DespeckleFilter Applies a despeckle effect, removing noise from the image.
Public class DiagnosticsReport A report containing diagnostic properties from Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.
Public class EllipseRadius Defines the radius of the ellipse by defining its radius in x and y dimension.
Public class EmbossFilter Applies an emboss effect in grayscale.
Public class ExposureFilter Adjust the brightness of an image using one of the modes in ExposureMode.
Public class FilterEffect Applies filters of type IFilter to the image.
Public class FlipFilter Flips the image horizontally and/or vertically.
Public class FogFilter Applies a fog effect.
Public class FoundationFilter Applies a foundation effect on a specified region of the image.
Public class GifRenderer Renders an image source as a GIF image, or a list of image sources as an animated GIF image.
Public class GradientImageSource An image source that generates pixels based on a gradient.
Public class GrayscaleFilter Converts the image to grayscale.
Public class GrayscaleNegativeFilter Converts the image to a grayscale negative.
Public class HdrEffect Applies local tone mapping to a single image to achieve an HDR-like effect.
Public class HueSaturationFilter Adjusts the hue and saturation of the image.
Public class ImageAligner Aligns a series of images that differ by small movements.
Public class ImageFusionFilter Inserts an image on the current image with a separately defined alpha mask.
Public class ImageProviderExtensions Extension methods for IImageProvider.
Public class ImageProviderInfo Information about an IImageProvider.
Public class InteractiveForegroundSegmenter

Segments the source image into foreground and background guided by user provided annotations. The output is a black and white mask where white areas represent the foreground and black areas represent the background.

This class should be used as an effect in the rendering chain, on par with FilterEffect and LensBlurEffect.

The segmenter can be used to provide a mask for one of the other filters or effects, such as BlendFilter or LensBlurEffect.

User input is required for segmentation in form of an AnnotationsSource image, that should contain pixels of at least three colors. Areas painted with ForegroundColor and BackgroundColor are classified as foreground and background areas, while pixels of all other colors are classified as undecided and will be segmented into either foreground or background.

Segmentation is usually an iterative process, where the user keeps improving the AnnotationsSource image until she is happy with the result.

Public class JpegRenderer Renders an image source to JPEG buffer.
Public class JpegTools Operations on JPEG images. The operations are done on the JPEG compressed data directly, which is efficient and can avoid quality reduction.
Public class LensBlurCustomKernel Defines a custom kernel used for blurring by LensBlurEffect.
Public class LensBlurEffect

Applies blur to an image in a way similar to how out-of-focus areas are rendered by a lens, an effect also known as bokeh.

Public class LensBlurPredefinedKernel Defines a predefined kernel shape used for blurring by LensBlurEffect.
Public class LevelsFilter Adjusts levels in the current image.
Public class LinearGradient A linear gradient.
Public class LocalBoostAutomaticFilter Automatically boost and enhance images with unequal illumination.
Public class LocalBoostFilter Manually boost and enhance images with unequal illumination.
Public class LomoFilter Applies a lomo effect on the image.
Public class MagicPenFilter Applies a mix of edge distinction and color manipulation to the image.
Public class MilkyFilter Applies a milky surface to the image.
Public class MirrorFilter Mirrors the left half of the image onto the right half.
Public class MonoColorFilter Preserves one color tone while other colors are converted to grayscale.
Public class MoonlightFilter Applies a moonlight effect to the image.
Public class NegativeFilter Converts the image to a negative.
Public class NoiseFilter Applies noise to the image.
Public class OilyFilter Applies an oil-painting-like effect to the image.
Public class PaintFilter Applies a painting-like effect to the image.
Public class PixelBufferInfo Describes a buffer containing two-dimensional pixel data.
Public class PixelRegion Represents a region of pixels within a pixel array, and contains metrics and helper methods for traversing them.
Public class PosterizeFilter Applies a posterize effect, reducing the number of colors in the image.
Public class RadialGradient A radial gradient, changing color from a center point outwards.
Public class RandomAccessStreamImageSource An image source created from a windows storage random access stream.
Public class ReframingFilter Reframes the image to comprise a rectangle of any size inside or outside the current image. Reframing is done by specifying a reframing area by position and size, an angle of clockwise rotation, and a pivot point around which the reframing area is rotated.
Public class RenderRequest Represents a user-initiated rendering request.
Public class RotationFilter Rotates the image around its center in a clock-wise direction.
Public class SdkInfo Provides general information about the Imaging SDK.
Public class SepiaFilter Applies a sepia tone to the image.
Public class SharpnessFilter Enhances the sharpness of the image.
Public class SketchFilter Produces the look of a sketched image.
Public class SolarizeFilter Applies a solarize effect.
Public class SplitToneFilter Applies a given color to pixels with luminance values within a specified range, while retaining some luminance information.
Public class SplitToneRange Defines a luminance range and the color to be applied by the split tone filter.
Public class SpotlightFilter Applies a spotlight effect to the image.
Public class StampFilter Applies a stamp-like effect, resulting in a black and white image.
Public class StorageFileImageSource An image source created with a windows storage file.
Public class StreamImageSource An image source implementing IImageProvider, reading its data from a Stream.
Public class TemperatureAndTintFilter Adjusts the color temperature and tint of the image.
Public class Version Represents a version number.
Public class VignettingFilter Applies vignetting effect to the image.
Public class WarpFilter Applies a warp effect to an image or parts of an image.
Public class WatercolorFilter Applies a watercolor effect to the image.
Public class WhiteBalanceFilter Adjusts the white balance in the image.
Public class WhiteboardEnhancementFilter Enhances text and drawings in an image of a whiteboard.
Public class WriteableBitmapRenderer Renders an image source to a writeable bitmap.


  Structure Description
Public structure CustomFilterBlockParameters Specifies an image block to be processed by an ICustomFilter.
Public structure GradientStop Represents a stop in a gradient.
Public structure Margins The margins on each side of a rectangular object.


  Interface Description
Public interface IBufferProvider Represents an object that can provide an IBuffer asynchronously.
Public interface ICustomEffect A custom effect that can be used with a DelegatingEffect.
Public interface ICustomFilter A custom filter that can be used with a DelegatingFilter to create a filter that can be used with the FilterEffect.
Public interface ICustomFilterRequest Requests the custom filter to prepare for an upcoming image processing operation.
Public interface ICustomFilterResponse Response returned by a custom filter to match an ICustomFilterRequest.
Public interface ICustomImageSource A custom image source that can be used with a DelegatingImageSource.
Public interface IFilter An image filter for use with an IFilterEffect.
Public interface IFilterEffect Applies filters of type IFilter to an image.
Public interface IGradient A gradient.
Public interface IImageConsumer A consumer of images.
Public interface IImageProvider A provider of images.
Public interface IImageSize An interface for querying image size directly, with optional support for also changing it.
Public interface ILensBlurKernel Defines a kernel used for bluring by LensBlurEffect.
Public interface IReadableBitmap A readable bitmap.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate PixelRegion..::..ProcessRowAction A user-supplied action which can be used with ForEachRow(PixelRegion..::..ProcessRowAction).
Public delegate PixelRegion..::..ProcessRowWithSourceAction A user-supplied action which can be used with ForEachRow(PixelRegion, PixelRegion..::..ProcessRowWithSourceAction), where a source PixelRegion with non-zero margins is taken into account.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutoResizeMode Resize modes used with JpegTools::AutoResizeAsync.
Public enumeration BlendFunction The blend function to use with the blend filter.
Public enumeration BlurRegionShape Describes how the blur region is interpreted by the blur filter.
Public enumeration ColorMode Color formats
Public enumeration ColorSpace Color spacing modes for YUV component data.
Public enumeration CurveInterpolation Curve interpolation modes that are used with Curves.
Public enumeration DespeckleLevel The amount of despeckling done by the despeckle filter.
Public enumeration ExposureMode Exposure modes to use with the exposure filter.
Public enumeration FlipMode Flip modes employed by the flip filter. An image can be flipped around its horizontal or vertical axis as well as around both axes at once.
Public enumeration ImageFormat Supported image formats.
Public enumeration JpegOperation The types of operation supported by JpegTools::FlipAndRotateAsync.
Public enumeration LensBlurPredefinedKernelShape Predefined shapes for LensBlurEffect.
Public enumeration LomoStyle Color styles to use with the lomo filter.
Public enumeration LomoVignetting Vignetting impact levels to use with the lomo filter.
Public enumeration NoiseLevel The amount of noise added by the noise filter.
Public enumeration OutputColorSpacing Color spacing for the output image.
Public enumeration OutputOption Behavior when rendering to a target with different aspect ratio than the source.
Public enumeration Rotation Stepwise rotation. Can be done 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees clockwise.
Public enumeration RotationResizeMode Image resizing behaviors when rotating. The image can be resized to fit within the original image dimensions during rotation, or it could go over the dimension border.
Public enumeration SketchMode Modes for the sketch filter.
Public enumeration WarpEffect Effects for the warp filter.
Public enumeration WhiteBalanceMode The white balance modes used with the AutoEnhanceFilter.
Public enumeration WhiteboardEnhancementMode The whiteboard enhancement modes used with the WhiteBoardEnhancementFilter.
Public enumeration WhitePointCalculationMode The ways in which the white point can be calculated by the white balance filter.

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