TargetArea Property

A target area within the background image into which the foreground is image blended. Expressed in the unit coordinate space of the background image, i.e., the top left corner of the background image is at (0, 0), and the bottom right corner is at (1, 1).

TargetOutputOption controls how the foreground is fitted into the target area. By default, the foreground image is stretched to fit the target area.

If value equals Windows::Foundation::Rect::Empty, or either Width or Height is smaller than or equal to zero, the foreground will be stretched over whole background and aspect ratio will not be preserved.

Namespace: Nokia.Graphics.ImagingAssembly: Nokia.Graphics.Imaging (in Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.dll) Version:


public Rect TargetArea { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Property TargetArea As Rect 
Visual C++
virtual property Rect TargetArea {
	Rect get () sealed;
	void set (Rect value) sealed;
Property ValueType: Windows.Foundation..::..Rect

Last updated 19 June 2014

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