GradientImageSource Class

An image source that generates pixels based on a gradient.

Inheritance Hierarchy

System..::..Object  Nokia.Graphics.Imaging..::..GradientImageSource

Namespace: Nokia.Graphics.ImagingAssembly: Nokia.Graphics.Imaging (in Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.dll) Version:


public sealed class GradientImageSource : IClosable, 
	IImageProvider, IImageSize, __IGradientImageSourcePublicNonVirtuals
Visual Basic
Public NotInheritable Class GradientImageSource 
	Implements IClosable, IImageProvider, IImageSize, __IGradientImageSourcePublicNonVirtuals
Visual C++
public ref class GradientImageSource sealed : IClosable, 
	IImageProvider, IImageSize, __IGradientImageSourcePublicNonVirtuals



This sample renders a simple gradient to screen without any effects.

private async Task ShowGradientImageTask()
    var colorStops = new[]
        new GradientStop {Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 255, 0, 0), Offset = 0.0},
        new GradientStop {Color = Color.FromArgb(255, 255, 200, 255), Offset = 1.0} 

    var gradient = new LinearGradient(new Windows.Foundation.Point(0, 0), new Windows.Foundation.Point(0, 1), colorStops);
    var size = new Windows.Foundation.Size((int)ImageControl.ActualWidth, (int)ImageControl.ActualHeight);

    using (var source = new GradientImageSource(size, gradient))
        // Create a target where the filtered image will be rendered to
        var target = new WriteableBitmap((int)ImageControl.ActualWidth, (int)ImageControl.ActualHeight);

        // Create a new renderer which outputs WriteableBitmaps
        using (var renderer = new WriteableBitmapRenderer(source, target))
            // Render the image
            await renderer.RenderAsync();

            // Set the output image to Image control as a source
            ImageControl.Source = target;
Visual Basic

Visual C++

Last updated 19 June 2014

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