KernelMap Property

An image source representing a kernel map, specifying which kernel should be used on each pixel.

Each pixel either gets blurred with one of the kernels, or is not blurred and considered to be a part of the focus area.

Kernels are referenced via zero-based indices, e.g. the area that is to be blurred with the first kernel should be referred to by 0, the second kernel by the value of 1 and so forth. Pixels in the focus area should be marked with the value 255.

Namespace: Nokia.Graphics.ImagingAssembly: Nokia.Graphics.Imaging (in Nokia.Graphics.Imaging.dll) Version:


public IImageProvider KernelMap { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Property KernelMap As IImageProvider 
Visual C++
virtual property IImageProvider^ KernelMap {
	IImageProvider^ get () sealed;
	void set (IImageProvider^ value) sealed;
Property ValueType: Nokia.Graphics.Imaging..::..IImageProvider

Last updated 19 June 2014

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