Contains classes and interfaces for retrieving locale information stored on the device.


Interface Summary
Locale Locale represents a locale stored on the device.
LocaleListener Enables an application to learn about changes to the locale setting of the device.

Class Summary
LocaleManager LocaleManager provides the access point to locale details of the device.

Package Description

Contains classes and interfaces for retrieving locale information stored on the device.

The principal class is LocaleManager, which provides the access point to locale information. Methods are provided to:

All information queried from LocaleManager implements the Locale interface. This interface has methods that provide detailed information about a locale.

The following example shows how the package may be used to retrieve all supported locales and details about them:

    LocaleManager localeManager;
    Locale[]      availableLocales;
    Locale        currentLocale;
    String        country;
    String        language;
    int           i;

    // Retrieve all locales that the device supports
    localeManager = LocaleManager.getInstance();
    availableLocales = localeManager.getAvailableLocales();

    for(i = 0; i < availableLocales.length; i++) {
        currentLocale = (Locale)availableLocales[i];

        // Extract country and language from the locale
        country = currentLocale.getCountry();
        language = currentLocale.getLanguage();

System properties

The following system properties are provided:

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