Nokia UI API



Packages Nokia-specific extension classes. The FrameAnimator API calculates motion interpolation for kinetic scrolling and linear animations. The Series 40 Touch and Type UI phones support a number of platform defined gestures. Contains classes and interfaces for retrieving locale information stored on the device. The Series 40 Touch UI phones support MultipointTouch events. Orientation API



A major use of Java in mobile devices would be entertainment, more specifically games. Games often need low-level access to device HW like keys and display. MIDP was designed to be HW-independent, so there is no support for this kind of low-level access. Here we will define a few MIDP implementation aspects and API extensions that enhance the developer's capability of delivering good games for Nokia devices. Some of these features may also be useful in other application domains. The following features are supported:
  1. Low level access to image pixel data
  2. Transparency support
  3. Full screen drawing
  4. Sound
  5. Vibration and device lights control
  6. Tactile feedback
  7. Getting fonts
  8. Soft notifications
  9. Events from joystick-type navigation mechanism
  10. Audio output (new)
  11. Clipboard (new)
  12. Text editor for Canvas and CustomItem (new)
Currently, Nokia UI API has two packages that contain classes and interfaces for providing the above features: and

MIDP 2.0 introduced some features, which before existed only in Nokia UI API. Hence, MIDP APIs should be used instead of Nokia UI APIs if a corresponding feature is available. More specifically those Nokia UI API methods that have deprecation tags should not be used in devices supporting MIDP version 2.0 or higher.

System properties for Nokia UI API version and optional features

The system properties defined in this section MUST be made available to the application using java.lang.System.getProperty.

System property Explanation The system property for indicating the version of Nokia UI API. The property value is a string containing dot separated digits, for example 1.2, that indicates the version number of the implemented API version. The system property for indicating whether managing soft notifications is supported. The method call java.lang.System.getProperty("") will return "true" if this feature is available in the device. The system property for indicating whether custom font height setting is supported. Returns "true" if this feature is available in the device. The system property for indicating whether tactile feedback is supported. Returns "true" if this feature is available in the device. The system property for indicating whether screen saver prevention is supported. Returns "true" if this feature is available in the device.

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