OAuth 2.0 - OAuthDemo


This is a simple MIDlet application that uses OAuth 2.0 authentication in order to retrieve an access token. Access tokens can be used for authorization purposes when interacting with a number of popular online services and APIs. The focus of the example is to demonstrate the retrieval of the access token with a Live Connect account. Any further interaction with the service is beyond the scope of this MIDlet.

Figure 1. OAuth authentication with the MIDlet intercepting the Access token from the browser

For a tutorial that shows you how to create this MIDlet, see Example: A simple OAuth 2.0 authentication handshake.


This MIDlet is compatible with Java Runtime for Nokia Asha software platform (1.1.0) for Nokia Asha software platform devices and newer.

MIDlet project

The MIDlet distributable and source files are packaged as a zip file. To download the zip file, click the following link:

Download OAuthDemo

Table 1. MIDlet details

MIDlet version


Creation date

10 October 2013


Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse) and NetBeans


Nokia Asha SDK 1.1

MIDlet classes

The MIDlet consists of the following classes (click to view the full source code):

Last updated 5 March 2014

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