Webview API – BrowserItemDemo

This example shows how to render a web page on to a MIDlet. It demonstrates the usage of the Webview API on Nokia Asha software platform 1.4.

Figure 1. Rendering a web page on a MIDlet


You need the following to develop and test this MIDlet:

  • Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse) or NetBeans with Java ME support

  • Nokia Asha SDK 1.2

  • Nokia Asha software platform 1.4 device

For instructions on how to get started with Java ME, see section Getting started.


This MIDlet is compatible with Nokia Asha software platform 1.4 for Nokia Asha software platform devices and newer.

MIDlet project

The MIDlet distributable and source files are packaged as a zip file. To download the zip file, click the following link:

Download BrowserItemDemo

Table 1. MIDlet details

MIDlet version


Creation date

10 March 2014


Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse) and NetBeans


Nokia Asha SDK 1.2

Last updated 21 March 2014

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