HERE Maps API for Java ME

The HERE Maps API for Java ME is a set of programming interfaces that enable developers to build mobile device applications based on HERE Maps. The API provides mapping, search and routing functionality and targets devices that support the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) for Java Micro Edition, such as Nokia Asha and Series 40 devices.

The simplest map you can create with this API is a zoomable and pannable map that uses default settings. You can change its look and behavior, and add overlays with custom content. Through custom MapComponents, the API allows you to implement handling for touch and keypress events, which in turn allows users to interact with the displayed content.

The main features offered by the HERE Maps API for Java ME are:

  • Multiple map types

  • Customisable markers

  • Searching and routing

  • Polygon and polylines

  • Map overlay supports

  • Overlay support for custom labels and images

  • Touch and standard key-binding support for panning and touch

  • Places Support

To use HERE Maps API for Java ME to display map check out the TouristAttractions or the Here Maps Component Demos code examples.

The HERE Maps API for Java ME is usually included as an optional plug-in when installing an associated Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java ME . All the library JARs can be found in the ./plugins/maps_api/lib directory of the installed SDK. The associated Javadoc can be found in the./plugins/maps_api/doc directory of the installed version of the SDK. A detailed developer’s guide can be found online on Nokia Developer website.

Last updated 9 October 2013

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