Nokia In-App Payment support

Nokia In-App Payment is a monetization tool that enables you to sell digital content to your consumers from within your application. It provides a seamless and safe purchase experience for your consumers and a transparent payout to you.

Nokia In-App Payment offers simple, seamless integration of a payment event into any Java ME app published on Nokia Store for phones from the new Nokia Asha family on the Nokia Asha software platform to phones based on Series 40 6th Edition. With Nokia In-App Payment integrated into your app, consumers are able to purchase additional digital content from anywhere within your app.

Nokia In-App Payment processes payments using operator billing, the most popular payment method among consumers, which leverages Nokia’s extensive integration with mobile operators to give you worldwide coverage. You can use Nokia In-App Payment to sell and deliver the following types of content to consumers:

  • Durables — Premium content that is purchased once and then used indefinitely within the app. Examples are:

    • Unlocking new levels in a game.

    • Enabling a premium version or account.

    • Adding items not available in a free version of an app or game, such as enhanced features and functionality within a game.

    If a consumer attempts to purchase the same durable item from the same phone for a second time Nokia In-App Payment provides information so that the application can restore the content.

  • Consumables — Content that can be purchased repeatedly and exhausted during the normal use of a game or app. The consumer should be able to purchase the items again when they have been depleted. Examples are:

    • Virtual currencies, such as coins to purchase tools.

    • New lives in a game.

    • New chips in a casino or card game.

The key features of Nokia In-App Payment are:

  • Requesting details of purchasable products.

  • Initiating the purchase flow.

  • Restoring a durable item purchased earlier.

For detailed information about the Nokia In-app Payment features and how to use them in your MIDlet, see Nokia In-App Payment documentation.

To know more about some design guidelines specific to Nokia In-App Payment, see Nokia Asha Design Guidelines > In-App Payment.

Last updated 4 March 2014

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