Updating Notification Enabler

Your MIDlet can manage the update of the Notification Enabler on the targeted device. If the Notification Enabler is not up-to-date, it provides the user with an option to update the software.

The Installer related interface classes are available in the com.nokia.notifications.installer package.

Classes include:

  • InstallListener

  • InstallerFactory

  • NotificationsEnablerInstaller

If you want Notification Enabler to always be up-to-date on a user´s device then you must include the Installer implementation as part of your Notification integration.

There is direct API NotificationsEnablerInstaller.checkAndUpdateNapiEnabler( ) which handles the checking of the latest available Notifications Enabler and updating it on user’s device.

The API will give callback results through Installer.installResult() which should be handled by your MIDlet implementation.

Possible results from the callback are:

  1. ALREADY_EXISTS: This is returned if the Notification Enabler is already up-to-date. The MIDlet can continue with registering to Notification Enabler.

  2. INSTALLATION_OK: This is returned if the Notification Enabler finds out that there is a newer version available and user is in a process of fetching the updated version. The MIDlet can continue with registering their application to Notification Enabler.

Last updated 5 March 2014

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