Query limitations

Your service can query limitations as follows:

Use this method to query the limitations of the service.




This is a cURL command. For more information, see Testing Service using cURL.




200 OK

XML response body includes the information about limitations:

  • Maximum payload in kB.

  • Status of sent notifications quota.

  • Black: The service has reached its hourly quota; no more notifications can be sent for the remaining of the hour.

  • Red: The service is at 90% of its hourly quota; the service should prioritise the notifications sent for the remaining of the hour; otherwise, important notifications might not get delivered.

  • Yellow: The service is at 75% of its hourly quota; it would be a good idea to start prioritising the notifications for the remaining of the hour.

  • Green: The number of notifications sent is well under the hourly quota.

  • Size limit of bulk messages in kB.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <payload desc="Maximum payload size in kB">{MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE}</payload>
  <notificationrate desc="Rate of notifications sent">BLACK/RED/YELLOW/GREEN</notifications>
  <bulknotificationsize desc="Bulk notification size limit for ''id'' in kB">{MAX_ID_SIZE}</bulknotificationsize>

Error cases

400 Bad Request

Unknown version. Only version 1.0 is currently supported. Any other version (or no version) returns 400 Bad Request.

401 Unauthorized

  • Authorisation failed. Incorrect service credentials.

  • TCP/TLS connection for the HTTP requests may not be persistent. Make sure that your service uses a persistent TCP/TLS connection for the HTTP requests.

  • Forbidden service. Service access to Nokia Notifications API is forbidden.

405 Method Not Allowed

Wrong method used. Only GET method is allowed.


Request GET URL


Response DATA

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><limitations><payload desc="Maximum payload size in KB">1.5</payload><notificationrate desc="Rate of notifications sent">GREEN</notificationrate><bulknotificationsize desc="Bulk notification size limit for id in kB">1024</bulknotificationsize></limitations>

Last updated 9 October 2013

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