Adding multipoint touch

The Multipoint Touch API allows MIDlets to handle multipoint touch interaction on Canvas and Canvas-based elements, such as GameCanvas and FullCanvas, and on CustomItem .

For more information, see Implementing multipoint touch functionality.

Also refer the Paint example to learn how multipoint touch interaction is added.

class myClass extends GameCanvas implements MultipointTouchListener {

MultipointTouch multipointTouch;
public myClass () {

// Code snippet to check Multipoint Touch API support
if (System.getProperty("") != null) {
			// API is supported: Can implement multipoint touch functionality
			System.out.println("Multitouch supported");
} else {
			// API is not supported: Cannot implement multipoint touch functionality
			System.out.println("Multitouch not supported");
multipointTouch = MultipointTouch.getInstance();

The MultipointTouchListener interface defines the pointersChanged method, which is     called every time the platform triggers a multipoint touch event.
public void pointersChanged(int[] pointerIds) {
		int pointerId;
		int x;
		int y;
		int state;
		// Loop through the changed touch points
		for(int i=0; i < pointerIds.length; i++) {
		        // Get the touch point ID
		        pointerId = pointerIds[i];

		        // Get the touch point state
		        state = MultipointTouch.getState(pointerId);

		        // Get the touch point x and y coordinates
		        x = MultipointTouch.getX(pointerId);
		        y = MultipointTouch.getY(pointerId);
		        // Handle the UI update based on the touch point state,
		        // ID, and coordinates
		        switch(state) {
			            case MultipointTouch.POINTER_PRESSED:
			                // A new finger was pressed against the screen
			            case MultipointTouch.POINTER_DRAGGED:
			                // A pressed finger was dragged over the screen
			            case MultipointTouch.POINTER_RELEASED:
			                // A pressed finger was lifted from the screen

Last updated 9 October 2013

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