Java Runtime 2.0.0 for Series 40

Java Runtime 2.0.0 for Series 40 supports the following new features.

Application framework

UI and graphics

  • Java Runtime 2.0.0 for Series 40 supports the Series 40 full touch UI .

  • Java Runtime 2.0.0 for Series 40 supports Scalable 2D Vector Graphics .

  • The CategoryBar class allows MIDlets to use the category bar UI component supported by the Series 40 full touch UI.

  • The Gesture API now supports the GESTURE_PINCH, GESTURE_RECOGNITION_START, and GESTURE_RECOGNITION_END events and associated methods.

  • The IconCommand class allows MIDlets to provide an icon for a Command in the Series 40 full touch UI.

  • The Multipoint Touch API allows MIDlets to handle multipoint touch interaction on Canvas and Canvas-based elements.

  • The Orientation API allows MIDlets to control their UI orientation and access orientation-related information.

  • The PopupList class allows MIDlets to implement a pop-up list element, which can be populated with various types of list items.

  • The Virtual Keyboard API allows MIDlets to launch a virtual keyboard for Canvas and Canvas-based elements and for active CustomItem elements in portrait mode.

  • MIDlets can use the DirectUtils.STYLE_LIGHT style for Font instances retrieved with the DirectUtils.getFont method.

  • MIDlets can show and hide the status zone for a full-screen Canvas .

  • A stub implementation of the DeviceControl.resetUserInactivityTime method, has been added, for consistency reasons. The method provides no functionality.


  • The VideoDecodeControl interface allows MIDlets to stop and resume video decoding during video playback.

Data handling

  • The Mobile Sensor API allows MIDlets to fetch data from the sensors of the device. The supported Mobile Sensor API version is 1.2.

Devices using this release

For more information about Series 40 devices which use Java Runtime 2.0.0, see the device specifications page on Nokia Developer website. The support for Java Runtime can be checked for each device by clicking the 'APIs' tab when viewing a device specification.


Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java Runtime 2.0.0 for Series 40 can be downloaded from here.

Last updated 9 October 2013

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