Developing with Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse)

Installing and configuring Java ME development tools

The same prerequisites apply as with ordinary Java ME development on Nokia devices. You can use Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse) and Nokia SDKs as usual. If you don't have a functional development environment, follow the instructions in this guide: ​Getting started with the Nokia IDE for Java ME.

Installing and configuring ProGuard

To use ProGuard for preverification and/or obfuscation, perform the following steps:

  1. Download a ProGuard release from Sourceforge.

  2. Extract the package to a location of your choice.

  3. Navigate to Window > Preferences in Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse).

    The Preferences window is displayed.

  4. In the left pane, click on Java ME, browse to the extracted package directory for setting the ProGuard Root Directory and click on OK.

Considerations when working with hierarchical projects in Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse)

Traditionally LWUIT development has taken place using NetBeans. For example, the Resource Editor generates NetBeans projects from user interfaces created with the UI builder. This structure (where a hierarchical structure of parent projects and platform projects is generated) does not work in Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse), because Eclipse project directories have to be first-level children of the workspace directory, and the workspace directory itself cannot be a project. Let us say we have a structure like this:

+--- ParentProject
       +--- PlatformProject1
       +--- PlatformProject2

Now, to create an Eclipse project from the parent project, you have to set 'ProjectsDir' as the workspace. Then, to create Eclipse projects from the platform projects, you have to to set 'ParentProject' as the workspace. However, while 'ParentProject' is the workspace, 'ParentProject' cannot be imported as a project, and therefore cannot be set as a dependency of any platform project.

The best solution to this is to either:

  • Refrain from creating nested project structures (this approach used in the example project of the tutorial), or

  • Create a single new Eclipse project and link both the parent and the platform-specific source directories to it.

Developing LWUIT projects using Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse)

The following topics describe how to create a simple LWUIT MIDlet using Nokia IDE for Java ME (Eclipse).

Last updated 24 June 2013

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