LWUIT for Nokia Asha software platform

This section describes how to use the LWUIT for Nokia Asha software platform, the port of the Lightweight UI Toolkit for Nokia Asha software platform phones.

LWUIT helps you create applications with appealing graphical user interface (GUI) for Java-enabled mobile phones. LWUIT supports visual components, animations, layouts, theming, localisation and more. You can also use any JSR API supported by Nokia Asha software platform phones.

Intended audience

The Developer's guide section is intended for Java developers creating impressive application user interfaces in their Java applications targeted for Nokia Asha software platform phones. This section gets you started with LWUIT development and lists all UI components and other important LWUIT elements (theming, resources, animations, etc.) you need in application development. You need to have basic Java programming skills to use this library.

The UX guidelines section gathers guidelines for designing LWUIT applications for the Nokia Asha software platform devices. It is useful not only for designers, but also for programmers who need visual guidelines and best practices when implementing the user interface.

Where to start

What do you want to do?

Begin here

I want to familiarise myself with LWUIT UI components.

UI components in Developer's guide, UX guidelines

I want to know what is new in LWUIT for Nokia Asha software platform.

Changes in Nokia Asha software platform

I want to see how to use LWUIT in practise.

Example MIDlets

Last updated 25 July 2013

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