The InfiniteProgressIndicator or Spinner is a LWUIT component. It allows to show an infinite progress Indicator.

InfiniteProgressIndicator has different implementations such as:

  • SMALL ProgressIndicator

  • MEDIUM ProgressIndicator

  • LARGE ProgressIndicator

  • CUSTOM ProgressIndicator

Figure 1. InfiniteProgressIndicator in a MIDlet


  • Create instance of InfiniteProgressBar.

    // Create instance of small InfiniteProgressIndicator
    iProgress[0]= new InfiniteProgressIndicator(InfiniteProgressIndicator.SPINNER_SMALL);
    // Create instance of medium InfiniteProgressIndicator
    iProgress[1]= new InfiniteProgressIndicator(InfiniteProgressIndicator.SPINNER_MED);
    // Create instance of large InfiniteProgressIndicator
    iProgress[2]= new InfiniteProgressIndicator(InfiniteProgressIndicator.SPINNER_LARGE);
    // Create instance of custom InfiniteProgressIndicator
    Image img = null;
    img = Image.createImage(40, 40);
    iProgress[3]= new InfiniteProgressIndicator(img);
  • Call show() method to display InfiniteProgressBar on screen.

    // Show InfiniteProgressBar

Last updated 24 June 2013

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