The NotificationBar is a LWUIT component. It allows to show a UI to user as notification. NotificationBar uses GlassPane to paint on top of a displayable object.

NotificationBar has different implementations such as:

  • NotificationBar with and without icon

  • NotificationBar with single, multiline or continuos text

  • Notification bar with the combination of the above

Figure 1. NotificationBar in a MIDlet


  1. Create instance of NotificationBar.

    // Create instance of  NotificationBar with MultilineText and Icon
    notificationBar = new NotificationBar(Image, "Jhony ", "This is Jhony", NotificationType);
    // Create instance of  NotificationBar with MultilineText and icon
    notificationBar = new NotificationBar(Image, "Jhony ", NotificationType);
  2. Call show() method to display NotificationBar on screen.

    // Show NotificationBar 

    NotificationBar will automatically vanish after the specified timeout value.

Last updated 17 October 2013

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