The UnitPicker is a component that constructs a view for selecting quantities measured in certain units. It consists of a SwitchComponent that enables or disables the input mode, and a tumbler that is used for defining the quantity and the unit. There is an OK Command attached to the Toolbar that dismisses the UnitPicker.

Figure 1. A UnitPicker launched from a FormItem

The UnitPicker cannot be added to a Form as a Component. Instead, it needs to be launched from a component attached to a Form that can get a Listener, such as a Button, Command or FormItem. The developer provides a Vector containing a set of units as Strings. If the unit names are longer than 3 characters, they get truncated. There needs to be at least one unit defined, otherwise an IllegalArgumentException is thrown. The UnitPicker can be used for setting values from 0-999. A custom solution can be implemented using a UnitPickerContainer instance, if we need input of custom length.

The following snippet demonstrates the construction of a data limit picker, launched from a FormItem:

form = new Form("Unit picker Demo");

unit = new Vector();

picker = new UnitPicker("Data limit", "Limit", unit);
picker.setUnitPickerListener(new UnitPickerListener() {
    public void notifyUnitPickerListener(UnitPicker arg0) {

launcher = new FormItem("Set data limit", picker.getValue(), false);
launcher.setFormItemListener(new FormItemListener() {

    public void notifyFormItemListener(
        FormItem formItem,
        Component component,
    boolean actionButtonPressed) {

It is the developer’s responsibility to update the launcher’s value with the picker’s value once the UnitPicker is dismissed. The UnitPicker’s value is concatenated with the chosen unit and is returned as a String by the method getValue().

Last updated 29 July 2013

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