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Nokia Lumia devices with Windows Phone 8 deliver award-winning design, incredible imaging, fast processing, and HD screens. Best-in-class development tools, expanded roster of rich APIs, and a strong community to support the development are at your disposal.

Windows Phone 8 SDK comes with comprehensive API documentation and developer guides. To complement the offering, Nokia Lumia Developer's Library adds information on areas that offer especially interesting possibilities for developers on Nokia Lumia devices. The library provides detailed guides on the use of Nokia Imaging SDK, Camera, Map, NFC, and Nokia MixRadio APIs with code snippets and complete example applications. It also provides guidance on how to effectively develop applications for cross-Lumia device range, between Windows Phone 7 and 8, and on how to optimise your apps for the hardware features of Nokia Lumia phones, including phones with large displays.

Stay tuned – Nokia Lumia Developer's Library will be constantly updated with additional documentation.

April 2014 update

Documentation and sample apps for the new features of the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta.

  • New features in SDK 1.2 beta.
  • The sample apps ported to Windows Phone 8.1; Quick Start, Filter Effects, Filter Explorer, and Real-time Filter Demo. The Universal Windows app versions of the Filter Effects, Filter Explorer, and Real-time Filter Demo samples share most of the code between the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.
  • New Image Sequencer sample for Windows Phone 8.0 demonstrating the use of two new APIs, Image Aligner and Gif Renderer, for creating cinemagraph-style animations in animated GIF format.
  • Updated Real-time Blend Demo sample for Windows Phone 8.0 to include local blending of smaller images with drag, pinch-zoom and rotate gestures for exact positioning, size and orientation.
  • Updated API reference.

Where to start

What do you want to do? Begin here
I want to optimise my apps for the Lumia large display devices. Optimising for large screen phones
I want to efficiently manipulate images. Nokia Imaging SDK
I want to easily apply filters and effects optimised for mobile imaging. Nokia Imaging SDK
I want to capture and process photos in previously unseen detail. Working with high resolution photos
I want my app to run smoothly across the whole Lumia device range. How to adapt to Lumia phones' hardware features 
I want my app to run both on Windows Phone 7 and 8. Co-development and porting guide
I want to ensure my app is behaving as expected on a real phone. Remote Device Access for Nokia Lumia
I want to launch tasks in Nokia MixRadio from my app. Nokia MixRadio API
I want to use new Windows Phone 8 Maps APIs. Guide to the maps
I want to launch tasks in HERE applications from my app. HERE launchers
I want to use advanced camera features. Advanced photo capturing
I want to use NFC to exchange data between devices. Using NFC to exchange information
I want to use NFC to read or write tags. Using NFC to exchange information
I want to use NFC to establish a connection between phones. Using NFC to establish a persistent connection
I want to develop for Lumia - how can Nokia Developer help? Nokia Lumia Developer Services

Last updated 15 April 2014

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