Maps and navigation on Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 provides a versatile API for incorporating maps and routing functionality into your application. In this section you can find guidance on how to utilise Windows Phone 8 Maps API functionality within your own application, as well as on how to utilise the services provided by the HERE Maps, Drive, and Transit applications installed on the phone.

Overview of the options available:

  1. Windows Phone 8 Maps API (MSDN) is available to use and incorporate maps functionality into your own application – see the Guide to the Windows Phone 8 Maps API and the Map Explorer example application demonstrating the use of the Windows Phone 8 Maps API. For Windows Phone 7, there is the Bing Maps control. The Bing Maps control is still supported in Windows Phone 8 SDK, but it is deprecated. The new Windows Phone 8 Maps control is a much more versatile compared to the Bing Maps control.

    However, sometimes you may not want to implement and incorporate the functionality within your own app, or some advanced functionality may not simply be available via the build in Windows Phone 8 Maps API, such as navigation guidance or public transit information. On Windows Phone 8, there is an alternative: developers can launch other applications with URI schemes. This means that there is an option to utilise services provided by other applications installed on the phone, in this case HERE location applications specifically (as described below).

  2. HERE Launchers are available to launch the HERE location applications within the phone to perform services such as Drive guidance, Walk guidance, Directions, Explore maps, Places, and Public transit.

    The services provided by the HERE applications can be used in two ways:

    HERE Launchers API utilises the URI scheme protocol under the hood, but takes care of the boilerplate code, as well as correct formatting of the parameters and ensuring that all required parameters are specified before calling the handler application. If the URI schemes are used directly, then the implementation needs to take care that all required parameters are set, and also that all parameters are given in the format specified in all possible usage cases.

HERE includes mapping services for web and across multiple platforms. Guidance on map and navigation APIs related to Windows Phone and HERE location platform are provided in this section; information on Web and Restful APIs, as well as concerning native APIs on other platforms can be found from

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Last updated 19 June 2013

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