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As a developer, you have been able to integrate maps and route directions into your own applications using the Windows Phone 8 Maps APIs. In addition to that, we are now introducing the HERE Launchers.

HERE Launchers are simple to use APIs which enable you to launch HERE applications from your own Windows Phone application, to perform services provided by those applications.

The API is compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices. Additionally the API requires the HERE applications implementing the services being present in the device. In case the API is used without the implementing application being present in the device, then the user will be forwarded to the Application store for obtaining the required application.

Currently there are three HERE applications which are providing the services implemented in the HERE launchers API: HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit.

HERE Maps, Drive, and Public Transport are available worldwide on all Nokia Lumia Phones, and they may be available for other Windows Phones via Windows Phone store. HERE Public Transport city coverage is listed here:

Introduction to HERE Launchers

The services provided by the HERE applications can be used in two ways:

  1. By utilising the HERE Launchers API provided, or
  2. by utilising the Uri Schemes implemented in HERE applications.

With Windows Phone 8, developers can launch other applications with URI schemes. It is possible for developers to launch HERE applications by utilising the URI schemes implemented in those applications; the documentation for these schemes can be found in the Windows Phone URI scheme protocol for HERE applications topic.

Another way of launching other applications and using their services with Windows Phones is using the Launcher APIs (MSDN) which allow an application to integrate with common system tasks, such as taking a picture, finding a contact, making a call, or saving a ring tone with very little effort. Thus, for convenience, we provide you the HERE Launchers API that simplifies developer's life by providing an API surface very similar to the Windows Phone launchers.

Though it is also possible to use the protocol directly, developers are recommended to use the API, as it makes things much easier. The API takes care of the boilerplate code, as well as correct formatting of the parameters and ensuring that all required parameters are specified before calling the handler application. If the Uri schemes are used instead, then the implementation needs to take care that all required parameters are set, and also that all parameters are given in the format specified in all possible usage cases.

With the HERE Launchers API you can, for example:

Launch HERE Maps to: Launch HERE Drive to: Launch HERE Transit to:
  • Show route from user's current location (default) or selected origin to a destination.
  • Search for places with a text string.
  • Explore places by categories.
  • Show map of a selected location with desired zoom level.
  • Show place by ID or location on a map.
  • Provide drive guidance from user's current location to a specific destination.
  • Show journeys from user's current location (default) or selected origin to a destination, either using current time for departure (default) or with desired departure or arrival times.

When launcher tasks are used, the application made for handling the use case will be launched and the parameters given to the launchers will be forwarded to the handler application via the URI scheme protocol.

In case there is no handler application for the given protocol installed in the device, then the user will be given an option to open Marketplace application for automated search for applications which can handle the specified protocol.

In case there are multiple handler applications for the given protocol installed in the device, then the user will be shown a selection dialog from which the desired handler application can be chosen.

See the Quick start for HERE Launchers API to get started.

Terms and conditions

The API is released under terms and conditions. In order to ensure a correct API usage, each application must use an Application ID, which is to be obtained and used following the procedures documented at Adding the ApplicationID and AuthenticationToken (MSDN).

Please note that the HERE Launchers API only uses the ApplicationID, but as your application likely uses other Windows Phone map services as well, you should set the authentication token as well.

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Last updated 26 June 2013

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