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Note: MixRadio developer documentation and related samples have been moved to a new location at http://dev.mixrad.io/doc/netsdk/ and are no longer maintained within the Lumia Developer's library.

MixRadio API (previously known as Nokia Music API) is a collection of web service and C# APIs that allow you to offer elements from MixRadio service within the look and feel of your own application. You can display music content such as charts, search results and mixes within your application and integrate with the Nokia MixRadio Windows Phone app to allow your users a full listening experience.

When you use the MixRadio API to build an application, your users can find music from:

  • Over 200 countries.
  • Over 3 million global and local artists.
  • Over 25 million tracks.
  • Over a century of recordings.

The C# API is available for the following platforms:

  • Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows 8.
  • .Net PCL - Portable Class Libraries.
  • .Net 4.5 - e.g., desktop apps.

This documentation covers the MixRadio C# API; the MixRadio REST API is documented at http://nokia.ly/musicrestapidocs.

How does it work?

The launcher APIs in Windows Phone allow an application to integrate with common operating system tasks such as taking a picture, finding an address or a contact, making a call, or saving a ring tone with very little effort. The MixRadio API provides Launchers and API methods that allow integration with MixRadio in the same easy manner.

Launchers -- Launch the MixRadio App to: API Methods -- Perform tasks within your app:
  • Search for music.
  • Show Artist details.
  • Show Gigs nearby.
  • Show available mixes.
  • Show product details.
  • Play a mix.
  • Search for an artist.
  • Search for a product (such as album, single or track).
  • Get search suggestions.
  • Get top artists.
  • Get top products.
  • Get products by an artist.
  • Get new releases.
  • Get a list of genres.
  • Get artist details (such as name, country, location, genre, and thumbnails).
  • Get product details (such as name, category, genre, performers, prize, and thumbnails).
  • Get artist recommendations.
  • Get product recommendations.
  • Get artists around a location.
  • Get a list of available mixes.
  • Get user play history.
  • Get user top artists.

See the Quick start section to get started.

Explore samples

Nokia Music API Test App - a definitive example application delivering an easily understandable and comprehensive learning experience on Nokia MixRadio API.     Music Explorer - example application demonstrating the use of Nokia MixRadio API together with standard Windows Phone 8 audio features to create an immersive music experience.     Bands Around - example application demonstrating the use of Nokia MixRadio API together with the new Windows Phone 8 Map control in a location aware manner.

Webinar: Using the Nokia Music (now MixRadio) Windows Phone APIs

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This lab (36 min) explores the features of the Nokia Music (now MixRadio) API and shows you how to install and use the API. Steve Robbins, Chief Architect for Nokia MixRadio, describes how to code with the API to quickly add music features to existing apps, and demonstrates how to get music content into your app. It is recommended that you install the Microsoft Windows Phone SDK 8.0 to get the most out of this training lab. Also, it will be helpful to have a Nokia Lumia phone built on Windows Phone 8 available for testing.

Additional webinar material:


Try the dedicated discussion forum for Nokia MixRadio API for Windows Phone, where you can find Nokia experts and fellow developers to help you.

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