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Gaining feedback and reviews for your apps is a key element in achieving success. High ratings in the Windows Phone Store encourage new users to download your app, and user feedback can show you how to update the app and increase its appeal. To make it easy and simple to provide functionality that endorses ratings and feedback from users, we have published a Rate My App component.

The Rate My App component is used to create prompts that appear at set intervals and allow the user to provide feedback and rate the application in the Windows Phone Store. Integrating Rate My App component into your own applications can be as simple as adding one control to the main page of the application.

By default, when the application with Rate My App component is started for the 5th time, a dialog for reviewing the app is shown to the user. If the user declines to review the app, she will be given the option to provide direct feedback to the developer. On the 10th run of the app, if a review was not already collected, the user will be prompted one more time to rate the app. The interval of showing the dialogs, as well as the precise textual content of the dialogs can be configured to better suit your needs.

Offering the users an easy way to rate your app at any time is considered a good practice, and it is likely to further increase the number of users rating your app. Version 1.1. adds a new method that allows developers to initiate the review operation at any time, while still making sure that the Rate My App component’s state is also updated in order to prevent superfluous review prompts.

Rate My App component is available as an installable package via Visual Studio NuGet package manager, and the full source code for Rate My App component, accompanying demo applications, and more detailed documentation is available in Nokia Developer GitHub repository (https://github.com/nokia-developer/rate-my-app).

The first release of the component included strings localized in the following languages: Arabic, German, English US, English UK, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese BR, Portuguese PT, Romanian, Slovenian and Chinese Simplified. The release 1.1. added Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

You are welcome to contribute your own translations (or improve the existing ones) at http://www.getlocalization.com/ratemyapp/.

Using the Rate My App component

To install Rate My App component and use it in your application, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package RateMyApp

Alternatively, you can use the Visual Studio’s integrated NuGet package manager. Then follow the instructions provided in the RateMyAppGuide.pdf (which can also be found inside both the release package and the installation package).

Rate My App Demos

The source code includes several demo applications to further help you understand how to integrate the Rate My App component into various different kinds of applications:

  • Windows Phone App for Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone Panorama App for Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone XAML and Direct3D App for Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Phone App for Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Phone XAML and XNA App for Windows Phone 7

Despite the differences in application styles, all the demo applications integrate Rate My App component in exactly the same easy manner.

Downloads and further information

Rate My App project v1.1 rate-my-app-1.1.zip

This project (the component and the demos) is hosted in GitHub, where you can check the latest activities, report issues, browse source and ask questions. See the Rate My App Guide in the project for more details of the features of the Rate My App component and how to integrate it into your own applications.

Last updated 18 December 2013

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