Phone Info test app

This demo project executes the runtime checks described in this document, as well as some additional ones. The app is built around a single helper class, which determines both static and dynamic properties of the phone.

The user interface of the app consists of four pivot views. The General view provides screen and display properties, memory and battery status. The Sensors view lists the sensor availability of the phone. Similarly, the Cameras view lists the available cameras and camera flashes of the phone. The last, Others view displays information about the phone itself (firmware and hardware versions). In addition, there is information about operator, phone theme and availability of FM radio, SD card etc.

The available memory, shown in the General view, is higher if extended memory has been requested as indicated in RAM memory availability, status, and options.

Note: The project checks also some hardware features which are not known to have variance on the Nokia Lumia device range, such as support for vibration. Generally it is a recommended practice to check availability of a hardware feature even if it is not lacking on any target phone at the time of developing the app.

Figure 1. Hardware Info test app results on the Nokia Lumia 1520 (three first images) and Nokia Lumia 520 (fourth image)


Phone Info project v1.2 v1.2.zip
Phone Info application binary file v1.2 PhoneInfo_Release_AnyCPU.xap

This example application is hosted in GitHub, where you can check the latest activities, report issues, browse source, ask questions or even contribute yourself to the project.

Last updated 17 December 2013

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