Case study – Music Explorer

Inspired by the three-column start screen in 1080p devices, a new layout was investigated for Music Explorer example application. Original list-based approach (Figure 1) to show artists and products available in Nokia MixRadio service was found not to be optimal for 1080p and large display devices. For example, it was not taking advantage of the cool images available through Nokia MixRadio API in multiple resolutions.

A tile based approach presenting artists and products was seen to fit well to this example application. A three-column version of the items, together with panorama control and a fair amount of additional information in text (as illustrated in Figure 2), was however considered too crowded, not just on devices with lower resolution, but also on a 1080p device with a large display. Different styles could have been used to handle different screen sizes, as shown in the Dynamic layout using styles - fit more content in a page section , but in the end, a two-column version (Figure 3) of the list was seen as the best universal alternative of the three versions tried out in the process. The application (Figure 3) now deploys a new design more suitable for all the screen sizes, resolutions, and shapes across the Lumia device range, including the phones with large displays, and it also loads and utilises the higher resolution images in 1080p devices.

Figure 1. Music Explorer with 1-column layout

Figure 2. Music Explorer with 3-column layout

Figure 3. Music Explorer with 2-column layout

Last updated 19 November 2013

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