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The Nokia Imaging SDK, now as 1.2 version, brings technologies that Nokia uses in its own imaging applications available to developers. The features include decoding and encoding JPEG images, applying filters and effects, blending, cropping, rotating and resizing, with customization and unlimited undo.

The Nokia Imaging SDK provides more than 50 pre-made filters and effects and it allows access to any image data without decoding the whole image. That means you can apply effects to high resolution images, without worrying about your memory budget. You can add a filter to your existing project with just a few lines of C#. The library can also be called from C++ code. The filters can be chained to create the exact effect you are looking for.

If you just want to get up the speed, see the Quick Start guides. The Core concepts chapter explains the main concepts and functionality of the Nokia Imaging SDK. Below is the quick jumplist to API reference where the filters have been documented in more detail. Alternatively you can try out the sample projects to quickly see the library in real action.

Tip: The code examples under the sample projects section (Filter Effects, Filter Explorer, Real-time Filter Demo, Chroma Key Demo, Real-time Blend Demo, Lens Blur, and Image Sequencer) are good illustrations of how to apply filters to images. Check out also the Photo Inspector sample project in Working with high resolution photos section. It demonstrates how to utilise the Nokia Imaging SDK for processing (reframing and scaling) photos.

All code samples in this documentation are written in C# unless otherwise noted.

New in SDK 1.2

Since our 1.2 beta, we fixed some issues found and have also worked further on the documentation, such as added sequence capture into the Image Sequencer sample as well as upgraded it into a Windows Phone 8.1 XAML app project. Similarly Quick Start for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 has now been written as universal app, besides which there is a Quick Start for Windows Phone 8.1 HTML5/JScript available.

Nokia Imaging SDK version 1.2 is backward compatible with versions 1.0 and 1.1, so anything currently working with 1.0 and 1.1 works with 1.2 as well.

The key new features and additions of 1.2 include:

Windows Phone 8.1 support

Illustrating the potential of the Windows platform convergence, the SDK is available on Windows 8.1 and on Windows Phone 8.1, derived from a single codebase with no API breaks, making it possible for you to reuse a lot of your code when developing apps across Windows and Windows Phone platforms. Filter Effects, Filter Explorer, and Real-time Filter Demo sample projects have been updated to include universal app solution for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1.

New effects and APIs

  • GIF Renderer API enables creating single image GIFs, as well as animated GIFs.
  • Image Aligner API enables removing unwanted shaking caused by minor movements from a sequence of images.
  • Image Aligner and GIF Renderer APIs together make it possible to create Cinemagraph-like shareable short movies. With the Windows Phone 8.1 burst capture mode, creating mini movies is now very quick.
  • Local Blending. It is now possible to blend smaller images into bigger images with specified position, size, and orientation.
  • Custom Filter Base API allows selective processing of image regions instead of the full image also for the custom filters, allowing them to run as memory efficiently as the pre-made SDK filters.

Check also the new Image Sequencer and updated Real-time Blend Demo sample projects to see the new APIs in action.

For more details, check the version history.

Other APIs

GIF Renderer

Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Animated GIF image

Use GifRenderer to create GIF images, both normal and animated. For a single image GIF, use it in the same way as the other renderers. For an animated GIF, you can assign a list of sources to the Sources property.

Image Aligner

Unaligned images Aligned images

Use ImageAligner to remove unwanted shaking from a series of images that differ slightly.

Restrictions and terms of use

The Nokia Imaging SDK can only be used in Windows Phone 8 projects, it is not compatible with Windows Phone 7.

The library is distributed under the Nokia Imaging SDK License Agreement.

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Last updated 19 June 2014

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