Adding libraries to the project

Before starting to use the functionality provided by the Nokia Imaging SDK, the SDK libraries must be added to the project by installing the SDK using the Visual Studio NuGet package manager.

Installing the SDK and including the libraries to a project using NuGet

In Visual Studio, update your NuGet to latest version using the Tools > Extensions and Updates dialog, as shown below.

Once the NuGet has been updated, right click on your project's References folder and select Manage NuGet Packages...

In the search box, type "Nokia Imaging SDK".  The SDK entry will be displayed.  Click the install button associated with the entry.

NuGet will install the libraries in the right directories, but a few steps need to be performed manually to complete the installation.

Since the Nokia Imaging SDK does not support the "Any CPU" and "x64" build configurations, you should make sure that you will not attempt to use them. We recommend therefore that as a next step you should remove the "Any CPU" and/or "x64" configuration from the project, to leave only "ARM" and "X86". This is achieved by opening the Configuration Manager, from the Build menu.

In the configuration manager, pull down the "Active solution platforms" list, and select "<Edit...>":

In the "Edit Solution Platforms" window, select "Any CPU" and click "Remove". Repeat for "x64" if your project has this configuration defined. Only "ARM" and "x86" should remain in the list of solution platforms.

It is a known issue that in some cases the project's References section does not automatically update to reflect the newly added libraries. If this happens, save the project, close the solution and then re-open it again, so that all the library files will appear in the References.

The project will now properly compile and deploy on the emulator as well as on the phone.

Last updated 19 February 2014

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