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No developer is an island and to create outstanding apps you need outstanding resources and support services. Nokia and Nokia Developer recognised this and have assembled a world class set of technologies, resources, and services to support you online and, with Microsoft, through locations globally.

This article provides you with an overview to the resources and services available. Read further to realise, for example, that there are around 500 Windows Phone wiki articles provided by the vibrant community of Nokia Lumia developers.

"Nokia's Windows Phone development resources are invaluable for any Windows Phone developer. The Nokia team has pulled together an incredible collection of articles, demos, and videos on Windows Phone development that are not only helpful for a veteran but essential for someone first entering into Windows Phone development. I'm thankful to the Nokia team for their amazing work in pulling together so much helpful information and, perhaps more importantly, making it accessible and easy to find."

Matthias Shapiro, Microsoft Windows Phone evangelist

The Nokia Lumia difference

Nokia Lumia smartphones are unlike any other Windows Phone devices. Built on top of the Windows Phone platform are a range of technologies that make the most of the skill and expertise Nokia has in mobile phones and services.

Lumia SensorCore SDK

Lumia SensorCore SDK is a collection of APIs utilising data from different sensors (for example, accelerometer) and also location information. This information can be used to track user's physical activities and motion. The sensors are able to run constantly in the background, collecting and preserving data for up to past ten days. See the full documentation, including a number of sample projects to get started.

Nokia Imaging SDK

With over 50 built-in filters and the ability to chain them within your apps, the beta release of the Nokia Imaging SDK gives you the opportunity to let your users visual creativity run wild on their Nokia Lumia smartphone (or any Windows Phone 8 device). See the full documentation, including number of sample projects to get started.

Nokia MixRadio

Nokia MixRadio provides users with access to streamed music services and a catalogue of tracks to buy. You can leverage this technology to add music playback to your apps and offer your users the ability to discover more music, information about artists and tracks, and buy music. For more information, see the Nokia MixRadio API documentation in this library.

HERE maps

HERE provides users with world leading maps, location information, and turn-by-turn navigation. You can add these features to your apps by embedding maps or launching the Maps, Drive, or Public Transport apps so your users will always know where they are and how to get where they want to go. For more information, see the Maps and navigation section in this library.

Nokia PureView

Nokia PureView is the gold standard in imaging technology for mobile phones, ensuring your users capture the best images and video under a wide variety of everyday and night lighting conditions. For more information, see the guides Working with high resolution photos and Advanced photo capturing in this library.

3D printing

3D printing is the latest innovation from Nokia, enabling you to create custom covers for selected Nokia Lumia models. For more information, see the article 3D print a shell for your Nokia Phone in the Nokia Developer wiki.

It's worth noting that in many cases the same services, such as HERE maps, can be used in or to create your apps for any Windows Phone device, not just on Nokia Lumia smartphones.

In addition to these enablers for developers, Nokia Lumia phones come with a wide range of apps -- from Nokia and various partners -- for details, see the latest apps in the Nokia collection.

Resources and support

Nokia Developer provides a range of online and physical resources and services to help you expand your knowledge and skills as well as support your app creation throughout the development lifecycle.

Getting started

The Nokia Developer website's Windows Phone section is your destination if you are new to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone. Here you can find an overview to all the products and services Nokia and Nokia Developer offer you. There is also a great step-by-step guide to getting started.


Lumia Developer's Library, the library you're reading right now, provides you with all the information you need to create apps using the technologies that differentiate Nokia Lumia phones from other Windows Phone models.

Code examples

In addition to the code examples provided in the Lumia Developer's Library, you can find examples on the Nokia Developer website and in the Nokia Developer wiki.

Device specifications

The Devices section of Nokia Developer website provides you with detailed specification for all the Nokia Lumia smartphones. Here you can find out which hardware and software features are provided in each phone model and compare up to five models to see how their capabilities vary.



Nokia Developer runs the Lumia App Labs, a weekly webinar offered in two sessions for the Americas and Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Each session is delivered by a Nokia Lumia technology expert, usually with hands-on coding demos, and provides the opportunity to ask questions.


Nokia Developer, often in collaboration with Microsoft, runs events regularly around the world that provide the opportunity to get face-to-face training from Nokia Lumia experts.

University Hubs

University Hubs are selected centres of excellence that can assist with research and development, mobile app projects, testing, prototyping, education, and providing skilled new talent for hiring.


Nokia Developer hosts a vibrant community where you can learn from and share your knowledge with like-minded Nokia Lumia developers.

Nokia Developer Wiki

The Windows Phone wiki portal, contained within the Nokia Developer Wiki, is an impressive collection of around 500 articles created by developers. The articles address real-life challenges developers have encountered while developing for Windows Phone and Lumia and provide an invaluable complement to the official documentation from Microsoft and Nokia. To simplify the discovery of relevant articles, the portal is divided into several sub-portals based on the articles' categories, such as Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone location and maps, Windows Phone NFC, and many more.

Nokia Developer Discussion Boards

The Windows Phone and Lumia forums contained in the Nokia Developer Discussion Boards provide a way to ask questions and interact with like-minded Nokia Lumia developers.

Nokia Developer blogs

The Nokia Developer blogs provide a range of blog streams from Nokia Developer and Nokia Developer Champions that keep you up to date with Nokia Lumia news and activities within the Nokia Lumia community.

Nokia Developer GitHub

Nokia Developer GitHub is a space to host our code samples and projects, and to collaborate with developers to bring the project to fruition or gain input on quality improvements and enhancements.


Nokia Developer Champions is our way of recognising the expertise, hard work, and dedication of community members. Every six months the way members have demonstrated their expertise, particularly how they have shared and showcased their knowledge with in the community, is assessed. Selected developers from around the world are then invited to become champions. Do you have what it takes to become a hero and rock star in the Nokia Developer community? In return, in addition to the respect of your peers, you'll enjoy many exclusive benefits during your one-year tenure.


Campaigns, competitions, and funding

Nokia and Nokia Developer provide additional support to Nokia Lumia developers through consumer focused promotions, developer competitions, and funding programs.


Nokia and Nokia Developer run global and local competitions specifically for Nokia Lumia developers, as well as collaborating with Microsoft on competitions such as the Microsoft Windows Phone Next App Star. Developer competitions are announced from time to time through the Nokia Developer News blog.


The IdeasProject gathers application ideas from consumers and developers around the world. You can then tap into these ideas for your next application or watch out for the challenges issued; challenges similar to the Windows Phone 8 Innovation Challenge.


DVLUP rewards developers for meeting specific application and knowledge challenges. The goal of the program is to broaden and deepen the catalogue of desirable, high quality apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones. In return for meeting the challenges set, you earn XP (points) that can be redeemed for a range of rewards, including branded clothing, Nokia Lumia accessories, and Nokia Lumia smartphones.

At the time of writing DVLUP is open to developers based in the US, Canada, and the UK.


Funding opportunities are provided through AppCampus. This mobile application accelerator program is an 18 million euro joint venture between Microsoft and Nokia. It offers grants for the development of new and innovative apps for Windows Phone and runs until spring 2015.

Last updated 12 August 2014

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