CountryResolver class

This document covers the CountryResolver class, which is for advanced use. The class validates that a country has availability for the Nokia MixRadio API.

By default, the phone Region settings are used and checked with each API call made.

The CountryResolver constructor

Initializes a new instance of the CountryResolver class.

Table 1. CountryResolver Constructor Parameters
Name Description
clientId Your Client ID (used to be called App ID) -- see Authentication.


CountryResolver resolver = new CountryResolver(MyAppId);

The CheckAvailability method

We require a country code for main API calls to filter the availability of our content (see Availability for more information).

This method validates that the Nokia MixRadio API is available for a given country. If you get a true response indicating the API is available, you should cache the countryCode for future usage -- for example, in a phone application storage area.

Table 2. CheckAvailability Parameters
Name Description
callback The delegate to call once a response has been received.
countryCode An ISO3166-2 country code to validate.

Result type



The following example checks if Nokia MixRadio is available for the user by using value of the device RegionInfo.CurrentRegion.TwoLetterISORegionName property.

bool available = await resolver.CheckAvailabilityAsync(RegionInfo.CurrentRegion.TwoLetterISORegionName.ToLower());
if (response.Result)
    MessageBox.Show(@"Hooray! Nokia MixRadio is available");
    MessageBox.Show(@"Sorry, Nokia MixRadio is not available");

Last updated 20 November 2013

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