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While Nokia Asha web apps offer you the flexibility to create any design supported by its web technology, your designs will work best when they are consistent with the Nokia Asha platform — in look and feel, as well as with functional behaviour. This library offers information about the common Nokia Asha characteristics and features of Nokia Asha web apps. By following the guidelines, adopting the interaction patterns, and using the UI graphic elements described you can create commercial quality web apps that offer an outstanding UX on Nokia Asha or Series 40 phones.

UI graphics stencils

To assist you with the design of web apps, the Nokia Asha Web Apps UI Graphics stencils provide a collection of UI views and components. The stencils can be used to create screen mockups that are close to the final visual result and are ideal for presenting to stakeholders as part of the design process.

DOWNLOAD: Nokia Asha Web Apps UI Graphics stencils

Last updated 3 June 2013

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