Configuring image quality

From Nokia Xpress Browser 3.1 onwards, as a web app developer, you have an option to set the quality of the images that are part of your web app. You can do this by setting the data-img-quality attribute of the img tag as follows:

  1. “best“ - The quality of the image will be close to the quality of the actual image. Note that the size of the image will be large and can cost the end user higher data charges.
  2. “good” - The quality of the image will be little lower in pixels than the “best" quality image.
  3. "average” - The quality of the image will be average in pixels than the "best" and "good" quality images. This image quality would be most economical to the end users.

The following code snippet illustrates how you can configure the image quality options using the data-img-quality attribute:

<div class="ui-page">
	<div class="ui-header">
		<div class="ui-title inline"><h2>Image Quality Sample</h2></div>
	<div class="left-align">
		<p> Average Quality Image </p>
		<img src="s40-theme/images/bird2-100x100.png" alt="bird1" data-img-quality="average"/>
	<div class="right-align">
		<p> Good Quality Image</p>
		<img src="s40-theme/images/egg1-100x100.png" alt="Image3" data-img-quality="good"/>

	<div class="left-align">
		<p> Best Quality Image</p>
		<img src="s40-theme/images/bird-100x100.png" alt="bird" data-img-quality="best"/>

Changes applicable to the web app end user

From Nokia Xpress Browser 3.1 onwards, the web app end user will be able to change the quality of images appearing on the web app using the Image Quality option in the web app menu. The following image quality options are available to the end user:

  • Best
  • Good
  • Average
  • Recommended

When the end user selects the Recommended option, the image quality set by the web app developer for the web app is applied. If the image quality preferences are not configured by the web app developer, the Recommended option defaults to Average image quality.

Note: In Nokia Xpress Browser 3.1 , the Image quality setting of the web app is overridden by the Xpress Browser settings.

For Nokia Xpress Browser 3.0 and earlier, the web app end user has the option to change the image quality from Browser > Settings > Image quality. This applies to all the web app(s) installed by the user. In this case, the image quality set by the web app developer is considered only when the Image quality is set to Average and the web app end user has not changed the setting after the first launch of the web app.

Last updated 17 October 2013

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