Nokia Notifications

Nokia Notifications makes it easy to add real-time push notifications to your web apps running on the Nokia Asha software platform 1.1 and Series 40 devices. Notification is a message that is sent from an application-specific notifications service to its own web app installed on the phone.

You need to use the following APIs to add Nokia Notifications support:

  • Nokia Notifications Service API (REST API) - Sends notifications to the web app from the notifications service without a direct connection between the service and phone.
  • Nokia Notifications JavaScript API - Registers the web app to receive notifications from the notifications service that is coupled with the web app.

Nokia Notifications uses the push technology and all web apps share the same optimized online connection, through Nokia Notifications JavaScript API, to the Nokia Notification Server.

The following figure illustrates the complete lifecycle of how notifications are delivered from the notifications service to a web app on the phone:

Last updated 10 October 2013

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