Importing an existing web app or web app project

If you have web app projects that you have created manually, created with another tool, a sample downloaded from Nokia Developer, or a packaged web app whose content you wish to review, you can import these into Web Developer Environment (WDE).

Note: Some errors are ignored during web app import. For more information see Import rules. If there are errors in the web app these will need to be corrected before the web app can be previewed or packaged.

To import a web app, on the File menu point to New and click Import web app (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The option to import a web app on the File menu

In the Import a web app dialogue (Figure 2), click Browse and locate the config.xml file in a project or the *.wgt file for any packaged web app you wish to import. Once the path for the item to import has been selected, click Next.

Figure 2. Importing a new project from an existing web app project

The second Import a web app dialogue page displays (Figure 3).

Figure 3. The Import a web app dialogue displaying the properties of an imported web app

This dialogue provides options to update the:

  • Project Name — a name for the project. This name is used within WDE only and doesn’t have to be the same as the web app’s display name.
  • Location — this defaults to the active workspace path. By clearing the Use default location checkbox an alternative location can be selected, by clicking Browse.
  • Display Name — this field is used to populate the name field of the web app's config.xml file and the <head> <title> attribute in the web app’s main HTML file, which is from where the Xpress Browser retrieves the display name for use in the favourites list.
  • Unique Identifier — this can be changed if desired. The identifier style is a web address.
  • Version #— to enable the web apps to be distributed through Nokia Store the version number should be of the format [major version].[minor version](.[micro version]).

The dialogue may provide warnings about incomplete or incorrectly formed properties, which must be corrected before proceeding. When the details have been updated or confirmed, click Finish and the project or web app is imported.

Last updated 22 May 2013

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