Content Requirements

All the material and information visible in Nokia Store must be suitable for customers of all ages. The guidelines described in this document regarding content requirements (age rating, forbidden and sensitive content, age, intellectual property, registration and disclosure, billing and promotions) apply to all aspects of content submitted to Nokia Store, including:
  • the content name, description, key words, icons, and screen shots you provide for Nokia Store
  • the content user interface, both the visual as well as audio components
  • the media files (themes, wallpapers, video) images, text, and audio
  • all content items that can be downloaded or are accessible through the application, including in-app purchase items, advertising, or advanced gaming levels

Age rated content

  1. All new or updated content published in Nokia Store must have an associated age rating which will be shown to consumers.
  2. The age rating is determined from a set of criteria the publisher needs to complete about the content being submitted. Based on the selections, Nokia Publish tool assigns an age rating for the content. The selections that must be made for the content cover the following areas:
    1. Fantasy or cartoon violence
    2. Realistic violence
    3. Realistic weapons or injuries
    4. Intolerance
    5. Bad or offensive language
    6. Crude or mature humour
    7. Alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drug use or references
    8. Mature themes
    9. Gambling
    10. Horror/fear or distressing elements
    11. Dangerous or illegal behaviour
    12. Suggestive sexual content
    13. Non-erotic nudity
    14. Physical intimacy
    15. Social media with safety features
    16. Social media without safety features
    17. Privacy and location with safety features
    18. Privacy and location without safety features
    19. Apps with advertising
    20. Apps with purchase capabilities
    21. Apps with network usage
    22. Religious or holiday content

Sensitive content

  1. Do not distribute potentially offensive content to countries that are sensitive to such content. Examples of potentially offensive content are:
    1. Models wearing skimpy clothing or in sexually suggestive poses
    2. Religious content and content for religious holidays
    3. Gambling, simulated gambling, or casino-themed content
    4. Alcohol and drinking
    5. Bathroom humour
  2. Countries that may be sensitive regarding potentially offensive content are:
    1. Asia East — Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Pakistan
    2. Middle East and Africa — Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen

Forbidden content

The following content is forbidden in Nokia Store:
  1. Violence
    1. content that encourages harm or violence against a person, community or an animal in the real world
    2. content promoting gun sales, gun or weapon brands or gun shops
    3. content that is solely meant to disgust, shock or disturb users
    4. content that depicts existing governments as the enemy
    5. glorification of crimes against humanity such as genocide and torture
  2. Intolerance
    1. glorification, or misleading information of genocide
    2. content that promotes discrimination
    3. content that promotes hate speech organisations or individuals promoting hate speech
    4. content that perpetuates negative stereotypes based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, region, geographic location, political opinions, status as a veteran or similar
  3. Crude or mature humour
    1. facilitation or promotion of bullying or other abusive behaviour towards an individual or a group of people
    2. promotion of hate speech
    3. defamatory, libellous or slanderous content towards an individual or a group of people such as joke apps about groups of people
  4. Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
    1. promotion of tobacco use or tobacco brands
    2. promotion or facilitation of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or illegal drug use
    3. content that glamorizes drug use or can be seen as promotional
    4. promotion or facilitation of excessive alcohol use
    5. games where the primary purpose is to grow, sell or use drugs
  5. Gambling
    1. real gambling content
  6. Horror, fear or distressing elements
    1. content that is solely meant to disgust, shock or disturb users
  7. Dangerous or illegal behaviour
    1. promotion or facilitation of self-harm
    2. instructions on how to build explosives or weapons, drugs
    3. promotion of underage drinking, underage gambling, misuse of pharmaceuticals, misrepresentation of pharmaceuticals or medicines
    4. promotion of illegal activity and criminal techniques. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): content promoting drugs or drug paraphernalia, prostitution, piracy, illegal file sharing, devices/software that can be used to unlock copyright protection, robbing, breaking and gaining entry into a house, shoplifting, illegal online pharmacies, terrorism, stalking behaviour, corporate attacks
  8. Suggestive sexual content
    1. pornography and erotic frontal nudity (visible genitalia, female nipples)
    2. promotion or facilitation of prostitution, promotion of escort services
    3. content of a sexual nature depicting children or animals
    4. erotic representations of nudity
    5. explicit sexual acts, functions, or behaviour
    6. material likely to incite interest in abusive sexual activity
  9. Apps with advertising, purchase capabilities, or network usage
    The following type of advertising is forbidden in Nokia Store
    1. services targeted for grownups (such as dating services)
    2. advertisement containing pornography, nudity, or sexually suggestive contentgambling or harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, and drug use)
    3. gambling or harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, and drug use)
    4. content that is not suitable for minors
    5. content that is illegal, immoral, political, religious, or promotes/enables said activity
    6. content that links users to separate and competitive storefronts
    7. operator advertisements
    8. ads to competitor mobile devices


  1. Content such as Gambling and Social networking must guard against access by underage end users.
    1. In your content description for Nokia Store, you must make it clear that your content cannot be used by end users under 18 years of age. Do not put end users under such specific age in the position where they pay for and download content only to find that they cannot use it.
    2. Content must use a registration process to check the age of the end user.
    3. Content must provide parental controls and child protection tools (for example, a user login name and password) to guard against access by underage end users.
  2. Content providing romance-themed social networking or chatting must guard against access by underage users. Romance-themed content includes those with dating or flirting themes.
  3. Social networking or chatting content must provide end users with a visible and easily accessible Report Abuse option. Indicate clearly how you will respond to complaints.
  4. Social networking or chatting content must provide end users with an option for blocking abusive or inappropriate users.

Intellectual property

  1. Content must not include any copyrighted material that you are not authorized to distribute.
  2. Content must not use the Ovi or Nokia logos or fonts without written permission by Nokia.

Registration and disclosure

  1. Content must collect registration information from end users only if the information impacts feature usage, for example, to log into an existing user account on a web server.
  2. If end users need additional hardware, computer software, or device files to use your content, you must state this in your content description in Nokia Store.
  3. Content must not force end users to register for an activation code before they can use already purchased content.
  4. Content must not force end users to send an SMS message to activate the application.


  1. Content must use only the billing system provided by Nokia to generate income for Nokia Store content. All fees that you generate for Nokia Store content must be processed by Nokia. This applies to in-app purchases within content.
  2. Content must not bill end users through another system, for example, a monthly subscription, premium SMS payments, billing through network operators, or a Try-and-Buy program that redirects to an external web site.


  1. Content must not promote Nokia competitors’ content stores, content store fronts, products, or services. Content must not promote a store front that promotes or offers upgrades to other products.
  2. Content must not be updated outside of Nokia Store. Content must not contain any re-directs to other store fronts that are not part of Nokia Store. Exceptions include data downloads (for example, a dictionary app can download new language libraries).
  3. Content must not promote or link to web sites that contain illegal or inappropriate material.
  4. Content must not promote adult web sites or content that is not suitable for a young audience, for example, pornography, dating services, adult products, gambling, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  5. Content must not promote religion, politics, easy-money businesses, multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, illegal charities, etc.
  6. If you promote an NC-17 or R-rated movie through a wallpaper, trailer video, or other content, such promotional content must not include any of the forbidden content described in this document.

Last updated 30 June 2014

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