Quick guide to publishing Nokia X apps

Publish apps in Nokia Store

This is a quick guide to publishing apps to Nokia Store with Nokia Publish tool. The publishing flow in the tool differs depending on, for example, what platform you are submitting apps for, and if you are submitting or updating apps.

This guide gives a quick overview over two flows: publishing Nokia X apps either with or without Nokia In-App Payment items or HERE keys.

The publishing flow for both goes as follows:

  1. Register as publisher.
  2. Provide bank details in Publish tool if you plan to submit apps with Nokia In-App Payment.
  3. Prepare your app, icons and screenshots.
  4. Start the publishing process in Nokia Publish tool.
  5. Add metadata, icons and screenshots, and upload the application file.
  6. Submit your app for Nokia Quality Assurance.
  7. When your app has passed the QA it is published in Nokia Store, and you can start to view download reports in the Publish tool.

The flow for updating apps is described in Publisher guide Update content section. There are also additional instructions on preparing your app for publishing, and on what to fill in to the Publish tool.

See additional support material and guidelines at Nokia Developer.

Register to Nokia Publish tool

You can sign into Publish tool with your Nokia account, and then register as a Nokia publisher. If you do not yet have a Nokia account, you need to create one when you start to use the Publish tool.

  1. At https://developer.nokia.com/publish click Publish your app.

  2. Click Sign into your account.

  3. Sign into your Nokia account, or click Register to create one.

  4. Fill in your developer details into the screen that opens.
  5. In the next screen you create your publisher profile. First select if you wish to create a personal or corporate publisher profile. If you represent a company and you wish several people to be able to use the same publisher account, you can create a corporate account and link many accounts under it.

  6. Fill in the requested details accurately. Use the tips in the fields to guide you with what you need to fill in.
  7. Fill in the security code.
  8. Check that you have read and agree to the Nokia Store Publisher terms and conditions.
  9. After you have filled in all details, save your profile. The tool will inform you of any missing or invalid information.
  10. Your Publish tool home page opens with your publisher dashboard open. In this view you can view your account statistics, such as estimated downloads by countries or phone types, and revenue estimates. You can also edit your account details or bank info, or add new users under your company account, and find links to necessary support information and documentation.

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Provide bank details

If you plan to publish content consumers must pay for, you must provide your bank details before you will be allowed to submit content to Nokia Publish tool.

Nokia X software platform applications are free, but you can provide purchasable functions in your applications through Nokia In-App Payment. Read more about Nokia In-App Payment in Nokia In-App Payment Developer Guide.

Bank accounts must be able to accept Euros (€) as Nokia can only pay in Euros. The admin user of each company is able to edit the account details.

  1. Click the Accounts tab.
  2. Click Bank information.
  3. Fill in the bank details. For more information on what to fill in, use the on-screen helps and the instructions in Publisher Guide.

Note: The instructions for filling in the bank information in the Publisher Guide are general, and you should pay special attention to filling in the details to meet the specific requirements in your country. If you are not sure of what to fill in, contact your bank.

Here are some common as well as country specific errors that may delay payments, and their solutions:

  • Bank code/number is wrong
  • Bank city wrong or does not match with the other bank information
  • Bank account no. field contains bank code
  • Bank control key missing, wrong, or not required (not mandatory or used in all countries)
  • SWIFT code has wrong number of characters, should be 8 or 11
  • IBAN missing, does not match with the bank account, or entered into the Bank account no. field


  • Bank code/number, wrong number of characters. Use CNAPS code which is 12 digits.
  • Tax number 1, wrong number of characters. Use 15 digits long tax code or 18 digits long personal code.


  • Tax number 1, tax code missing. Provide your personal PAN as tax code.
  • Bank code/number, wrong number of characters. IFSC (India Financial System Code) must be 11 characters (4 letters and 7 digits). In case of individuals, MICR number (9 digits).
  • Address in the Accounts > Publisher tab contains invalid address. Enter a valid street address, or if you use a PO Box you need to indicate clearly it is a PO Box number.


  • Address in the Accounts > Publisher tab contains invalid address. Enter a valid street address, or if you use a PO Box you need to indicate clearly it is a PO Box number.

Russia and Ukraine:

  • Publishers from Russia and the Ukraine need to sign a special agreement before payments can be made. Contact developer.support(at)nokia.com.

Prepare your app for publishing

Before you start submitting your apps to Nokia Store, you need to:

  • test that your app works
  • make sure your app complies with the Nokia Store Content Guidelines and Nokia X QA requirements listed in document Store QA criteria for Nokia X. Apps that do not comply with these guidelines fail the quality assurance testing and have to start the QA round again. You lose time to market, but even more importantly, good quality apps receive better ratings and more downloads.

You should also prepare the following items carefully before you start submitting your app, to speed up the submission process and the QA:

A name and description

A descriptive name and a good description ensure good visibility and searchability for your app.

Additional keywords

Use more keywords than just the default keywords to make it easier for consumers to find your app in Nokia Store searches. Add translated keywords in the same field.

Price of your Nokia In-App Payment items

Nokia X software platform apps are free, but you can use Nokia In-App Payment items to monetise your app. You can select a price point for each item in the Publish tool from one of the 15 pre-set price points. Distributing applications globally is easy, as Nokia has set the prices for the points for each market according to the local buying power. You can check the prices for each market from the Billing Matrix. Items can also be added afterwards.

Language and countries

Define the languages and countries your app supports. Submitting a global English version and separate country specific versions often help to reach maximum end user coverage.

Note that if you set the language for example as en-us, the app will only be distributed in the USA. If you want a global reach for your app, you have to select English.

With other languages than English, you can check to which countries you can submit apps in Nokia Publish Support FAQ section App submission > Language/Region Distribution mapping.

Customer support email address

Provide a contact email address for customer support and questions about your app. Support website is not mandatory, but helpful.

Icons and screenshots for Nokia Store

Logos, icons and screenshots visible to end users in Nokia Store. Read more about the requirements in Add icons and screenshots.

Signing your application

Signed application files. For instructions on signing your application, see signing instructions.

Publishing Nokia X apps (without Nokia In-App Payment or Here keys)

When you have planned and prepared the necessary information, you are ready to start submitting your app. If you are submitting a Nokia X app that does not use Nokia In-App Payment items or HERE keys, the process continues from registering as follows:

  1. On your Publish tool home page, click +Publish app.

  2. Select Nokia X - Quick Publish as the content type.

  3. Upload the application file (.apk, max size 500 MB). The publishing tool automatically validates that the file is ok to be published. The tool maximises the application distribution to all possible devices on your behalf by comparing the application requirements listed in your app manifest file to the device capabilities. Note that an acceptable file name cannot be only one character long, or start with a hyphen (-).
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Fill in the requested details including app details (name, content descriptions, keywords), icon and screenshots, country distribution and languages, contact info, legal, and privacy and age rating. Use the tooltips and the Publisher Guide to help you with what to fill in. Make sure you provide information which represents your app as well as possible in Nokia Store.
  6. Click Submit for publishing to submit your content for the QA review. Plan for a turnaround time of three to four business days. Read more about the QA process in document Store QA criteria for Nokia X.
  7. When the app has passed the QA it is pushed to the Nokia Store servers through a scheduled export process.
  8. When the app is available in the store you can view statistics such as downloads through your Nokia Publish account.

Add icons and screenshots

When defining the content item you need to add icons and screenshots that will represent your content in Nokia Store. Screenshots identify your app to shoppers when they are browsing Nokia Store. In the quick flow only two screenshots are allowed, but you can add up to eight screenshots later.


  • An icon representing the content in size 512x512.

  • Two JPG or PNG screenshots from your app, portrait images of size 480x800 recommended for best quality. Nokia Store client shows app screenshots in portrait orientation. If you upload a landscape image of size 800x480, Publish Tool rotates the screenshot into portrait. The max size of the file is 4 MB.

The Nokia Publish Tool will scale down and resize your images to fit the Nokia Store client. However, the images may have gray borders on the sides or on top and bottom.


  • Six additional screenshots in size 480x800.
  • 1024x500 mobile promotional banner. Note that content name will be shown on top of the banner in the Nokia Store, so do not include text in the banner, it would look messy.

Add age rating

Age rating is meant to ensure child protection in mobile devices and the mobile internet. Setting age rating for apps is mandatory for Nokia X software platform content.

Content that has been forbidden from Nokia Store in the past may now be allowed if it is assigned a 17+ rating in the publish tool, but certain material still remains forbidden, for example, adult content such as pornography. Forbidden material is listed in the Nokia Store Content Guidelines.

To get an age rating for your app, you need to make a selection for all valid options describing your app. The options are none, infrequent/mild or frequent/intense for the descriptors, and Yes/No for the features.

For example, if you submit a chatroom app which contains mature themes, in addition to Mature themes you may also need to select descriptor Social media without safety features. Based on your selections the Nokia Publish tool assigns your app an age rating which is shown in Nokia Store.

To help you make accurate selections when submitting your app, see the explanations and examples of the descriptors and features in Publisher Guide section Age rating descriptors.

Publishing Nokia X apps with Nokia In-App Payment items or HERE keys

When you are submitting Nokia X apps with Nokia In-App Payment items or HERE keys, the flow and look of the Nokia Publish tool differ from the flow for submitting Nokia X apps without Nokia In-App Payment or HERE keys.

  1. At https://developer.nokia.com/publish click Publish your app.
  2. If you have not registered as a Nokia publisher before or filled in your bank details for Nokia In-App Payment item revenue payments, you need to do it at this point. See instructions for registering: Register to Nokia Publish tool.
  3. Select your content type: Nokia X - Standard Publish.
  4. Select Nokia X as content type.

  5. Answer the Legal questions. If there is encryption in your content, certain paperwork is needed if you distribute your content to the US.
  6. The page for defining content item metadata opens.

Define content item

  1. Fill in all the mandatory details in this form with the help from this quick guide, on-screen help texts, and the Nokia Store Publisher Guide. For example, add a name, description, and keywords for your content.
  2. Click Enable In-app payment if you wish to use the Nokia In-App Payment API.
  3. Define the Age rating for your content.
  4. Add icons and screenshots for your content. Read more about the requirements in Add icons and screenshots
  5. Click Create.

The content item is now ready. Next you can add Nokia In-App Payment items, HERE keys, additional metadata, and after that upload the content files (.apk packages).

Add Nokia In-App Payment items

If you selected Enable In-app payment when creating the content item, you can now add functionality or features purchasable from within your application with Nokia In-App Payment (NIAP).

When you start to develop a NIAP enabled application, you should use test IDs for the items to avoid being charged when testing the purchase flow. Actual product IDs cost money whereas test IDs do not initiate financial transactions. For more information, see Product IDs for testing purposes.

Verify the NIAP functionality with actual product IDs before submitting your complete application to the quality assurance in the publishing tool. You get the IDs in the In-app payments tab in the publishing tool when you create the items. After the system has processed and published the items, you can use them in your application.

To submit the Nokia In-App Payment items to quality assurance

  1. Go to the In-app payments tab.

  2. Fill in the fields. Follow the rules for, for example, the length of the texts in the on-screen help.
  3. Click Create. The publishing tool gets product IDs for your Nokia In-App Payment items.

  4. Copy the numeric Product ID or its alias to your application source files.

When the items have been published, you can test your application with the added Nokia In-App Payment items. If your application works, you can continue to submit the content files. More items can also be added afterwards.

Read more about Nokia In-App Payment items in Nokia In-App Payment Developer Guide.

Operators supported for operator billing on Nokia X software platform are listed country by country in table Supported operators for Nokia X software platform.

To set the price for your Nokia In-App Payment items

Select a price point from Free to one of the 15 pre-set price points for your Nokia In-App Payment items. Nokia has set prices for these points for each market, according to the local buying power. Note: only operator billing is supported for Nokia In-App Payment items.

You can check the prices for each market from Nokia Billing Matrix.

Note that you can only charge for Nokia In-App Payment items, otherwise Nokia X software platform apps are free.

Add HERE keys

If your application uses mapping and location features from HERE, do the following to get a HERE API key.

  1. On the HERE Maps tab, click Request HERE Maps Key.
  2. The tool gives you two keys: App ID and App code.

  3. Add the keys to your manifest file in the following format:

    <meta-data android:name="com.here.android.maps.appid" android:value="YOUR ID"/>
    <meta-data android:name="com.here.android.maps.apptoken" android:value="YOUR TOKEN"/>

Submit the content files

You can submit the content files to the publishing tool to be sent to quality assurance when you have the following items ready:

  • all necessary metadata defined,
  • Nokia In-App Payment items that have been through QA and added to the source files
  • HERE keys that have been added to the source files.

To submit your app:

  1. Go to the Content files tab, and upload your .apk-file. Max size for the file is 500 MB. An acceptable file name cannot be only one character long, or start with a hyphen (-).
  2. Click Validate to scan the files. The publishing tool validates that the file is ok to be published, and shows a list of supported devices. The tool maximises the application distribution to all possible devices on your behalf by comparing the application requirements listed in your app manifest file to the device capabilities. You can deselect this option and manually pick the devices, but only compatible devices are shown. (Note: Nokia Store uses API level, declared permissions and required features to determine high level device compatibility. To ensure your application is distributed to all compatible devices, fill in those fields with care. For instance, if the API level 16, which is supported by all Nokia X devices, is suitable for your app, make sure that the minimum requirement in the manifest file is defined to 16 or less. Moreover, if your app doesn’t require a certain feature, remember to explicitly add android:required="false" attribute to uses-feature tag. )
  3. If validation is ok, you can click Upload and continue.
  4. After uploading the files, page opens for defining the distribution.
  5. Select the available Nokia X phones for distribution and click Next.
  6. Next select suitable country distribution and supported language(s) and click Save. The tool reviews your distribution settings and checks that there is a matching country in your distribution for each of the languages you have defined.
  7. If you wish, you can at this point click the content item name to go back to the main view to review and edit the metadata, for example, to add more screenshots.
  8. Click Submit to QA and the QA process starts. Read more about the QA process in document Store QA criteria for Nokia X

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View your app and download reports

You can view your published content in the device's Nokia Store client. Nokia X content is not viewable in the desktop web browser Nokia Store.

When the app is available in Nokia Store, users with publish account administrator role ("cp_manager") can start to view statistics such as downloads through the Nokia Publish account. To view the reports, click the Reports tab in Publish tool.

You can view more detailed reports by clicking Detailed reports on the bottom of the page. For more information on the detailed reports, see View a detailed report for a content item in Publisher Guide.

Last updated 15 July 2014

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