Preparing apps for app updates

Nokia Store lets your consumers know every time you release an update of your app and provides a list of downloaded apps that now have updates. They can then download any or all the updates they choose. All app updates are free of charge to consumers who purchased and downloaded the original app. You can use app updates to introduce new features, enhancements, or bug fixes to an existing app. Through app updates, you can improve the engagement with your consumers, enhance consumer reviews of your products, and build brand loyalty.

What is currently supported?

  • Devices - App updates are supported by S40, Asha and Nokia X devices. To see the devices in these families, go to Device Specifications on the Nokia Developer web site. Devices must be running Nokia Store version 2.8. For other devices, consumers must find out about updates themselves, uninstall the existing app from their device, and then re-install the updated app. This reduces the total download count for the app.
  • Content types - Nokia Store can update the following app types:
    • Nokia X apps - .apk
    • MIDlets for S40 and Asha – .jad and .jar
App updates are not supported for Media Publisher content such as audio, ringtones, video, or wallpaper.
  • Update servers - App updates are provided for apps that were downloaded originally from Nokia Store. Updates through external servers are not recommended. If versions are not synchronized between Nokia Store and external servers, consumers can inadvertently downgrade their apps to old versions.
For Nokia X apps, updates are recognised as the versionCode of the installed version is compared with the version in Store.

For MIDlets, Nokia Store checks only for a different version, which might not necessarily be the latest version. So, for example, if a consumer installs app version 1.1 from an external server but Nokia Store has version 1.0, Nokia Store will report a different version. Consumers may not check the version number and can inadvertently install version 1.0 over version 1.1.

If you must use external servers, first publish the app update to Nokia Store, wait until the app update is live in Nokia Store, and then make the same app update available through the external server.

Last updated 10 July 2014

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