Listed below are the differences in how notifications are handled and displayed when porting to Nokia X software platform.


  • The priority flag used in Android is supported, except on Fastlane.
  • Status bar will show the notification icon with dependency to the set Priority:
    • Minimum priority: notification icon is not shown.
    • Low, default and high priority: notification icon is shown (see the left image below; exclamation mark icon).
    • Maximum priority: notification icon is placed as the leftmost icon in the Status bar (see the right image below; exclamation mark icon).

Figure 1. Status bar showing a notification with default priority (left image) and highest priority (right image).


  • Pinch-zoom and two-finger glide gestures are disabled in notifications in Nokia X software platform; it is not possible to expand or contract a notification.
  • Tapping on a notification will activate the intent associated with the notification (usually opening the app).
  • Swiping a notification to left or right on Notification drawer will delete the notification from the phone - except from Fastlane.


Notifications are shown:
  • On top of the UI when the phone is active (incoming notification shown as banner).
  • On Fastlane.
  • On Notification drawer.

The appearance of the notifications changes when shown in different parts of the phone.

  • Android contracted notifications are displayed in Notification drawer.
  • Android expanded notifications are displayed only in Fastlane.

The following subchapters contain some comparison screenshots of notifications on Android and Nokia X software platform.

Active screen

When the phone is in use, i.e. in active state, Android shows incoming notifications as tickers (tickerText). In Nokia X , incoming notifications are shown as banners that show the notification icon, title, and text (truncated to occupy only one row). The tickerText will not be displayed.

Figure 2. On the arrival of a notification, Android shows a ticker (images 1 and 2). Nokia X shows a banner (image 3).

Glance screen and Lock screen

Android shows notification icon at the top of the Lock screen. Nokia X shows the notification icon on both the Glance screen and Lock screen.

Figure 3. Notification icon in Android's Lock screen. Nokia X Glance screen and Lock screen show notification icon.

Notification drawer

Notification drawer in Android shows contracted notifications that can be expanded. The Nokia X Notification drawer collects all notifications and presents them in contracted state. In Nokia X, expanded states of notifications are presented only in Fastlane.

Figure 4. Android Notification drawer with contracted and expanded notifcations. On the right Nokia X Notification drawer with contracted notification items.

Currently all notifications are stored in the Fastlane even if the auto cancel flag is used. Do note that if your notification has a command visible from which user can dismiss/remove the notification manually, the notification is not removed from Fastlane. Notifications can only be removed from Fastlane manually by enabling the edit mode. The auto cancel flag is supported on Notification drawer.


Nokia X Fastlane contains the expanded states of notifications.

Figure 5. Notification shown in Fastlane view.


Toast with short text in Android and in Nokia X software platform:

Figure 6. Toast notification with short text in Android and in Nokia X software platform.

Toast notification with long text in Android and in Nokia X software platform:

Figure 7. Toast notification with long text in Android and in Nokia X software platform.

Notification icon

Your notification icon will be shown on:

  1. Glance screen
  2. Lock screen
  3. Fastlane
  4. Notification drawer
  5. Status bar

Figure 8. Notification icon shown in Glance screen (1), Lock screen (2), Fastlane (3), Notification drawer (4), and Status bar (5).

Last updated 24 June 2014

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