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The Nokia X software platform delivers a Nokia specific user experience on top of the Android open source project user interface. In practice, key parts of the user interface are being assimilated into a style specific to Nokia. These include the home screens, ways how users navigate applications, and theming the preinstalled system applications to Nokia UI style. However, for application developers, there is no requirement to make any changes to the application user interface.

This guidance gives an overview on the topics you should be aware of while porting your Android application to the Nokia X software platform. This documentation contains information that might, in rare cases, have an impact on your application user interface. It is expected that all the other parts function as they would on similar Android phones. The different aspects of the guidance include:

  • Hardware Menu key replacement (for applications supporting Android versions earlier than 3.0)
  • Notifications
  • Application icons
  • App shortcuts and widgets
  • Fonts

Hardware menu key replacement

Please note that the hardware (HW) menu key replacement guidance is only for applications supporting Android versions earlier than 3.0 (API level 11).

Nokia X devices do not have a HW menu key. Instead, the menu is opened with a swipe gesture from the bottom of the screen. A menu indicator is shown at the bottom of the screen. The indicator is shown always, even if there are no option menu items.


Notifications in the Nokia X software platform are created similarly as in Android with device APIs (Notification, NotificationManager). When an application is running in the background, it should use Android NotificationManager API to invoke its notifications. When an application is not running, Nokia Notifications API is used to offer push notification functionality (to replace Google Cloud Messaging).

Nokia Notifications API delivers the notification immediately to the BroadcastReceiver that has been registered to handle the received push notifications. The Notification UI component is part of your application and has the responsibility to use the standard Android NotificationManager API. In itself, the Nokia Notifications API does not create visible notifications.

There are some notification related details worth acknowledging when porting your app to the Nokia X software platform. Please read the Notifications chapter for more information.

Application icons

Android notification and launcher icon sizes and formats are compatible with the Nokia X software platform.

Notification icons are shown on the Glance screen, Lock screen, Fastlane, Status bar, and on Notification drawer items.

Launcher icons are shown on Fastlane, Home, and Apps menu items.

App shortcuts and widgets

Android app shortcuts and widgets are fully supported in Nokia X. In Nokia X, two-finger scrolling is used to browse widget content to ensure smooth one-finger scrolling of Home. For more information, please read the Android widget guidelines.


Nokia X uses Nokia Pure instead of Roboto as the default font of the device. All apps that do not explicitly call for certain font will get Pure as their application font.

Note: In some cases Nokia Pure might have an affect to the length of the text. Please check your app to ensure things are ok.

Last updated 11 June 2014

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