Nokia Asha webinar: New API for social sharing in Nokia Asha SDK 1.1


Your Java apps for Nokia Asha software platform 1.1 can now be enabled to post content to popular social media channels, using the new Share API. This webinar gives you a hands-on introduction to delivering social media experiences to users of Nokia Asha phones using Nokia Asha SDK 1.1.

The webinar opens with an overview of the Share API and how to implement it in your Nokia Asha apps. Pranav Gothadiya, product owner for the Nokia Asha SDK, then shows you the key features of the Share API. This is followed by a demonstration of how to use the API to authenticate your app with social media services, using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Next Pranav conducts a code walkthrough for an entire example application that you can download and modify. He’ll finish by demonstrating how to incorporate the popular emoji characters into your apps.

Download the slides from this session.