Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta


Since the first release of the Nokia Imaging SDK, developers like you have built more than 1,500 imaging apps that take advantage of the leading imaging hardware in Nokia Lumia phones. Join this webinar to learn about the new latest release - Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 beta - just announced at the Build conference. We’ll show you how new Windows Phone 8.1 support allows your single code base to support Lumia smartphones running the newly-announced Windows Phone 8.1 plus Windows Phone 8.0, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT. New animated GIF support lets you create apps with moving pictures to excite and wow users. The new Image Alignment API helps you stabilise photo sequences. The Local Blending API lets your apps combine and position images of different sizes on top of each other. This is great for adding badges or stickers to images, or combining front and back camera photos for the perfect group shot.

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