Introduction to Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 (beta)


Nokia Theme API and Webview API are new additions in Nokia Asha SDK 1.2. The Theme API enables developers to change themes and to access the properties of a current theme. The Webview API is used to display web pages inside a MIDlet, enabling delivery of more-sophisticated Help, About, and other screens to users. In addition, Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 contains updates to the Contact API that allow MIDlets to receive notifications with social contacts in the phonebook are added, deleted, or modified.

Pranav Gothadiya, lead developer and product owner for Nokia Asha SDKs, starts this training webinar with an overview of new and updated features in Nokia Asha SDK 1.2 and the new Nokia Asha software platform 1.4. Pranav then demonstrates code examples included in the SDK to illustrate the new Theme and Webview APIs. He also touches on the (Social) Contact API, as well as on SDK features that enable developers to support frame-positioning control and progressive audio recording.

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