Nokia Asha webinar: Developing health-care applications for Nokia Asha phones


This webinar discusses the fundamentals of mobile health-care apps and gives you an overview of the opportunities and challenges involved in developing health-care apps for Nokia Asha phones.

Two experts in medical technology will present this webinar: Oleg Medvedev, who is chair of the Department of Pharmacology at Moscow State University and teaches medical informatics and telemedicine, and Ilya Paramonov, head of the FRUCT laboratory at Yaroslavl State University, where he conducts research in applied mathematics in medicine, mobile systems, software engineering, and smart spaces.

Oleg and Ilya demonstrate concrete examples of health-care applications suited to the Nokia Asha software platform and will show you how to create such apps. They’ll discuss in depth the topic of using Bluetooth technology to retrieve heart-rate data from medical devices.

You can download the slides from this session