Qeep: a Nokia Asha success story


Cologne, Germany-based Qeep entered the Nokia Create for Millions developer contest two years ago, and were among the winners with its mobile social gaming community. Since that time, Qeep has continued to build out the features and functionality of its Java-based app, which works especially well on phones such as the Nokia Asha 501.

“The Asha platform gives us almost the [same] flexibility you would normally only find in a smartphone environment,” said Christian Schulte, managing director at Qeep. These days, as they continue to make enhancements to the app, they are able to make modifications within a week or two specific to the needs of the Nokia Asha software platform.

Today, Qeep has more than 20 million users worldwide, and adds 20,000 new users every day while serving 1.7 billion mobile page views every month to users in 200 countries.