The Nokia Asha Opportunity

With Nokia Store averaging over 15 million downloads daily, and operator billing supported by over 160 operators in more than 60 markets, the Nokia Asha opportunity is clear. The next billion consumers are coming. Are you ready? Check out our monetization models and tools now.

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Nokia’s exciting new developer rewards program is now available to Asha developers. Rise to the challenge, earn points and claim rewards.
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The Next Billion

Read our Insight report on developing for the next billion mobile consumers.
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Success stories


Three colleagues, an idea and a little help from Nokia – that’s all it took for Nhat Nguyen, Minh Nguyen and Lam Vo to form TeaMobi and create one of Vietnam’s most popular apps for Nokia Asha devices, Avatar World. The free-to-play social game is a fun way to chat and play games with friends and make new ones. Players can create their own unique avatar characters with hundreds of different clothes, special items, and gifts to best fit their personality. In Avatar World, players can meet friends in the park, work on a farm, fly to Hawaii or go fishing, for example. Right now, the company is approaching 10 million registered users with more than 2.6 million playing daily.
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