Asha Developer Competition Winners

Winners Announced


Utilities & Productivity:

News & Information:

Music & Entertainment:

Note: we will award only third prize in this category

Special Prizes:

Best WebApp - QuickStocks

Best New Idea - Untagle RE

Best UI - StarBlox Tap

Asha Developer Competition

Accept the Challenge

Your mission: build the year's best apps for Asha Full Touch smartphones and the new Nokia Asha 501.
Your reward: free promotion, invaluable experience, and your share of € 230,000.


Asha Developer Competition

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Asha Developer Competition

How to enter

The new Nokia Asha 501 has been announced and will be included as a target device for the Asha Developer Competition. Due to this update, we’re extending the deadline for all entries to August 2nd, 2013.

Starting June 1st 2013 at 12.00 GMT the first 250 developers who port an existing or create a new Java application or for the first 100 developers who port an existing or create a new Web App for the New Nokia Asha 501 will get a New Nokia Asha 501 phone. The apps need to be developed by using Nokia Asha SDK 1.0 or Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0 and they need to be also published to Nokia Store before they make an eligible entry for competition.

1. Sign up
Register yourself for the Asha Developer Competition.

2. Develop
Build your app using the following SDKs:

SDK/SmartphoneAsha Full TouchNew Nokia Asha 501
JavaNokia SDK 2.0 for JavaNokia Asha SDK 1.0
WebappsNokia Web Tools 2.3Nokia Asha web app tools 3.0

Note! Apps created with the Nokia Xpress Web App Builder are ineligible for this competition!
3. Get support & publish
Get support from Nokia Developer with:

  • Webinars including Ask The Expert sessions and UI Clinics
  • Tech support
  • Extensive UI and UX design support for both Java and WebApps
  • Guides for porting from other platforms
  • UPDATE: Publish your app to the Nokia Store between February 25th and August 2nd, 2013. Remember to also update the entry details of your competition registration by August 2nd.
  • Apps ported from an Asha Touch and Type or non-Touch to Asha Full Touch or new Nokia Asha 501 will be accepted as an eligible entry. Apps ported also from other platforms are accepted.
  • Apps must fit one of the four main competition categories to be eligible.
  • Apps will be judged using the Asha 309 and the new Nokia Asha 501.
  • Focus on designing a high quality app with an excellent user interface and experience.
  • Try Nokia Ad Exchange for monetizing your app with in-app advertising.
  • Need inspiration or feedback about your idea? Go to IdeasProject to find out more.
  • Before competition start published Asha Full Touch apps are eligible only if they have been updated with a new feature or functionality. A republished Asha Full Touch app without a visible improvement is not eligible.
  • Apply for the Nokia Premium Developer Program for Asha and if you qualify, you’ll get a free Asha smartphone, expanded Remote Device Access for testing, free tech support tickets worth $198 USD, and other promotional benefits to help put your app on the fast track to success.



Music & Entertainment

Apps that provide great escapes and are interactive.

News & Info

Apps that help you stay on the pulse of things that matter to you or give opportunity to create and share your own new stream. Consolidating info from multiple sources could be an option. Pay attention to presentation and ease of use.


Explore possibilities for the magical world of games.

Utilities & Productivity

Apps that make your life easier and more productive. Maps and location apps too.

The top three entries in each of the above categories will be awarded cash prizes worth:

€ 25,000 for 1st place,
€ 15,000 for 2nd place, &
€ 10,000 for 3rd place.

On top of that, winners will be specially promoted in Nokia-owned channels and presented in Nokia Devel-
oper communications.


Special prizes

Best Web App

Most effective and creative use of WebApp tools.

Best New Idea

The fresh and original new way of approaching mobile apps. The idea should be new and novel.
Tip: Apps ported from other platforms will not be considered for this prize!

Best User Experience

Easy to use and aesthetic appeal.
Tip: The best full touch experience is easy to use, accessible, and beautiful.

A cash prize of € 10,000 will also be awarded for the winning entry in each of the special categories.

Want a free Asha smartphone to test your app for the competition?

Join the Asha Premium
Developer Program.