Game Insight: a Windows Phone success story

By fpatton

October 2, 2013   Comments

When we witness developer success, we want to share it with the community in the hope it will be a catalyst for others! Recently, Game Insight, developer and publisher of free-to-play games, saw its business grow with its first foray into developing games for Nokia devices and Windows Phone 8. Starting with city-builder My Country and role-playing adventure Rule the Kingdom, the company has already surpassed $500,000 in revenue from more than 700,000 Windows Phone 8 users this year.

So how did Moscow-based Game Insight experience such success with its first Windows Phone games? We asked Senior Business Development Vice President Darya Trushkina that question and she gave us a few insights:

Game Insight video thumbnail

Customization Trushkina suggests creating high-quality content that keeps users engaged and doing so in a format that feels authentic to the region. Integral to this is customizing each game for each market, to make players feel that the experience was built specifically for them.

Lean on Nokia Make use of regional Nokia developer teams (like Game Insight did in Russia and China), who may be able to provide marketing support, including prime spots in the Store, cross-promotion opportunities as well as social media support. They can also help with local market insights and feedback to help ensure an app is successful with consumers in the target market.

As a small developer, Game Insight found this hands-on approach from Nokia’s regional teams to be key to limiting marketing expenses and increasing each game’s overall revenues. Encouraged by the success of their first titles on Windows Phone, the company is now looking to replicate that success in additional markets across the globe as well as expand development for Windows Phone 8 and Nokia devices.

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