Nokia Notifications

Nokia Notifications enables you to implement push notifications within Nokia X apps. The Nokia Notifications API consists of a client API and a server API, and provides the same features as Google Cloud Messaging.

When you start developing with Nokia Notifications, log in to the Nokia Notifications developer console and create your service to obtain the API keys, including the SenderID, which is a unique identifier for your notifications service.

If you are using Google Cloud Messaging in the current version of your application, you can port or even add the Nokia Notifications to the same code base to support both notification services in a single APK. Both the client and server APIs are almost perfect matches to those of GCM, reducing your porting effort to a minimum.

Read the Nokia Notifications documentation   Create and manage notifications

What to expect

We have ported a plethora of apps and have worked with developer partners on their apps. Every app is different and we have seen a lot of very easy, straight forward cases, but also some complicated cases. Based on this experience we can conclude that in regular cases the porting to Nokia Notifications can be separated to the following seven logical steps. In an average, straight forward case, this should take less than three hours.

  1. Read the developer guide
  2. Create service id with developer console
  3. Read the client API guide and porting guide
  4. Implement client code changes
  5. Read the server API guide
  6. Implement server side changes. This can be a simple step, or it can be complicated. It depends heavily on server type.
  7. End to end testing